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I keep getting blockages in my nostrils. Would I need surgery?

I frequently have nasal blockages. They usually settle on their own, but my doctors says that I may need surgery if they keep happening. Would I really need surgery?

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Nasal congestion or blockages are certainly a nuisance and can affect a person's quality of life. It's very important to find out what exactly is causing the symptoms. Most commonly, the problem areas are either at the nasal septum or the nasal turbinates. Deviated nasal septum and enlargement of the nasal turbinates are common causes of nasal congestion. Initial treatment is usually aimed at treating the nasal tissues and decrease their swelling. Use of various nasal sprays, allergy medication, and saline sprays/irrigations can help with nasal congestion/blockage. If symptoms do not improve, there may be other reasons for the blockage, such a severely deviated septal cartilage or bone spurs, nasal polyps or masses in the nasal cavity or in the back of the nose called the nasopharynx which only surgery may address. It's important to see an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician who can examine your nasal passages and recommend the proper treatment plan.
Appears you have a combination of anatomic obstruction and physiologic/allergic conditions. Depending on the symptoms, the effect of medications, effect on sleep, effect on activities of daily living, etc., the choice of treatment is your decision.
I don't think surgery is needed, but should check if any allergies are the cause for this frequent blockages. Check with an allergist.