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Is a colonoscopy painful?

I am a 49 year old male. I want to know is a colonoscopy painful?

10 Answers

No! Actually, most people report that the worst part of the colonoscopy is the bowel prep the day BEFORE the actual procedure.
No, if you are asleep.
Colonoscopy is done under moderate sedation, you will not feel any discomfort during colonoscopy, after the procedure you may feel bloated/gas. But, if you are hurting in your belly after colonoscopy you, have to call your doctor right away or go to emergency
No it is not and very important!
Colonoscopy is typically done under conscious sedation. There may be some minimal discomfort during the procedure but it is rarely remembered due to the medications given during the procedure. There may be some gas pains after that are mild and temporary.
Yes, it can be. You must be sedated.
There should be no pain involved in a colonoscopy
It would be if you were not sedated.
A colonoscopy should not be painful. With sedation you will likely not even know that you had it done until it is over.
It should not be. Some patients may have bloating and discomfort for 24-48 hours, but true pain should prompt you to notify the physician who did the procedure.