Ear-Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) Questions Snoring

Is my snoring related to a nose blockage?

I have a severe snoring problem. Is it due to a nasal blockage or something to do with my lungs?

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Snoring almost always takes place at the base of the tongue. Weight gain is the most common cause. It has nothing to do with the nose or the lungs.
Snoring is sometimes due to blockage in the nose. Not always though. So, see your local ENT to have a nasal endoscopy exam and find out the degree of blockage in your nose and whether that may be causing the problem.

Snoring can have multiple factors due to blockage.

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Snoring is a very common problem and usually related to symptoms of the soft palate, base of tongue and tissues of the oral cavity. Nasal blockage can cause nasal congestion and obstruction, which may contribute somewhat to some degree of mouth breathing and resulting snoring.
Snoring is usually the result of an upper airway obstruction and could be from your nose, oropharynx(throat) or hypopharynx . Overweight persons have tendency to snore and weight loss results in its resolution. Other problems of the upper airway must be treated by surgical proceedures or by the use of facial mask and pressurized air to sleep (c-pap)See your ENT.
Nasal obstruction can aggravate. More likely soft palate flapping