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Is this normal?

I noticed for about 3 months now that I can't focus on things without music. I feel sad when I stop listening to music, I can't do homework, clean, or talk to others without thinking about or listening to music, I've been dependent on music and I don't know what to do.

Female | 18 years old
Complaint duration: 3months
Medications: n/a
Conditions: CKD

3 Answers

All habits that are being broken take time and practice. I used to listen to rock and roll on the freeway, and my Zen master said to keep the radio off. I did. It was hard at first, but I found that I was having insights such that I still leave it off sometimes to process. We need time to process unacknowledged things that need our attention.
Need to get more information surrounding the symptoms
See these helpful links,,a%20day%2C%20try%20limiting%20yourself%20to%203%20hours.