Internist Questions MS

Leukemia or MS symptoms

I have progressive MS since 1983 and hypertension. Last August I went to urinate and saw about a cup of dark red blood in toilet bowl. Tested for uro, gyno, and gastro, and all seemed negative. Had colonosopy in late September, which showed no colon cancer, though I had had some symptoms. Over time, I have started having significant pain the instant I eat or drink, even just water. Very severe nausea, not controlled by combination of odanseyrom and ptomethazine. Black sticky stools for about 2 months--now normal color for about the past two months. However, if I defecate and then stay on toilet for a half an hour, by the time I get up, it looks very much like there is diluted dark red blood in bottom of bowl. Have steadily lost weight, maybe 30 lb or more by now. 2 trips to ER reveal nothing. About 2 weeks ago seemed to have bladder infection with lots of incontinence and severe bladder pain. Quickly relieved ny Bactrim. Tramadol relieved pain, and I also take that for the abdominal pain when I eat--it helps some.
A few weeks ago I suddenly developed very severe pain in upper right arm, shoulder, shoulder blade, and my upper right chest can be tender to touch. The arm pain is not at all relieved by Tramadol. Occasional Tylenol, which doesn't do much. Ortho suspected bursitis and gave steroid injection, maybe 5 days ago.
Have recently developed headaches--unusual for me. Maybe 2-3 weeks.
Temp "normal" but always 2 degrees higher than my usual, and I feel feverish. Increasing severe tiredness, such as I have never experienced in my life. My wbc is 12.6 and lymphocytes are 4561

Female | 61 years old
Complaint duration: 6 months
Medications: Valsartan 160-12.5, baby aspirin, Keppra for myoclonus related to MS, Tysanbri, melatonin, vitamins, etc.
Conditions: MS, hypertension, PE 2016 after knee surgery following fall--broken patella

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Good evening -
I appreciate your concerns - you are enduring a lot of body changes and discomforts and abnormalities. What you describe centers on your gastrointestinal system -stomach upset, small bowel upset, large bowel upset, and abnormal stool character. You describe blood-tainted stool. You exhibit significant weight loss - MS does not center on the gastrointestinal system.
And I am wondering why you mention leukemia. What are your blood count values and your blood chemistry results? Does your stool ever test positive for blood? Are you taking a blood thinner? Have you had an upper endoscopy and Upper GI series? Have you had a CT scan of the abdomen with oral contrast? These are important tests for you.