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Lymph nodes?

On my left side groin. Lymph nodes?

Male | 31 years old
Complaint duration: 2days
Medications: None
Conditions: N/A

2 Answers

Could be. You should see a physician to know further. That way, if it is something to be concerned about, they can help with testing if it is concerning.
The enlarged nodes could result from any infection or inflammation in your genitalia or in your left lower extremity. In addition, lymph nodes can become enlarged by trapping malignant cells from the lymph draining from anywhere in the anatomical areas listed above, or becoming malignant themselves (lymphoma). If the enlarged nodes are tender to touch, the enlargement is less likely to be from a malignancy. If the condition does not resolve within a couple of weeks, or an area of concern is identified in the relevant anatomical areas, see your doctor.

Harley A. Haynes, M.D.

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