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I have been off the pill for 4 months! I have just started taking gel and pills for the past month for menopause! After 25 days the instructions say to stop for 5 days! Are you suppose to have a period within that time?

Female | 60 years old

3 Answers

You might…but it’s possible that simply withdrawing from the estrogen is not enough to induce a withdrawal. I would recommend a trial of progestin for 10 days and see if that induces withdrawal bleeding.
Most of the time, a hormonal regimen does not create periods unless on a 3-week regimen with progesterone the lasts days. There are a number of options.
Don’t stop! Keep taking the pills every day. Check with your doctor to make sure those instructions were not an error. If they were not in error and your doctor is asking you to take a break every month to bleed, you should get a second opinion from a menopause specialist! You do not need to bleed on hormone replacement therapy.