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Mental health question?

Is it normal to want to take every pill you see only when you have them in reach? And the same with cutting? And the same with wanting to hurt yourself if you see someone talking about it or thinking it or watching it? Even if you know you don’t want to die? But like when I want to cut or do it. It’s not like I don’t want to like I want to even tho I have no reason for it. I was talking to another online chat doctor and they recommended a mental health facility to be observed by a psychiatrist to see if I need to be admitted but I don’t want any of that I just want to know why I do it. I can fight the urge so I won’t take the pills it’s the cutting I can’t but I never go too deep so it’s not a problem.

Female | 18 years old
Complaint duration: A few years
Medications: Pantoprazole
Conditions: Asthma

4 Answers

Well, I have a question for you? Do you find yourself self-harming because of how you feel? Or is it difficult to identify your moods when you're inflicting yourself? However, I would suggest that you contact your primary care doctor and have her give you a referral to see a psychiatrist.
It’s most definitely a problem! But you don’t necessarily have to be hospitalized if you are in control of your behaviors.

Find a therapist trained in dialectical behavior therapy. They can help you develop coping skills and especially distress tolerance skills to gain better control of these urges to self-harm.

If you’ve experienced trauma in the past, working with a trauma-trained therapist can help you get at the source of these thoughts/urges to make life changes.
Let's start by omitting the word, normal. The concern about being normal is probably part of the problem, to begin with. However, I think it is most important that you seek a mental health professional so they can assess your ideation; its intensity, and frequency. Are you just having thoughts about taking pills, cutting, and wanting to die, or have you actually acted on your thoughts? This is extremely important to distinguish. A therapist can help you determine where these thoughts are coming from, help you change these negative thinking patterns, and improve your self-esteem and self-worth. If you had a decent amount of self-esteem and self-worth, you wouldn't be thinking like this. Please seek help from a mental health professional!
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