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My mother's eyes seem cloudy in color. Why?

My mother is heavily diabetic for the last 29 years. Lately we have been noticing that her eyes look pale and cloudy. What could be the reason?

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Cataracts and cornea in general, if va is stable. That is most important.
In a diabetic with an external cloudy eye, I presume you are describing the cornea, the clear part of the eye that lies over the colored part of the eye. Two main reason are high arcus senilis which can be caused by age or high cholesterol and appears as a cloudy ring around the edge of the cornea. A second and more likely cause is cataract, which would look cloudy when looking into the cornea through the pupil. Less likely causes are growths over the cornea or more involved parenchymal disease of the cornea which would require a detailed examination...

Dr. Raphael Castillo
Diabetes can cause cataracts, which make the eye cloudy. Also, diabetes can cause bleeding in the back of the eye. Please have her eyes checked by an ophthalmologist.
Possibility of cataracts or senile arcus
She might have developed cataracts. Make sure to see an ophthalmologist for that. Every diabetic patient should have eye exam every 6-12 months based on their age and severity and type of diabetes.