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No change after OCD medication?

I have been taking my OCD medication, but nothing has been changed. It's been over four months.

Female | 20 years old
Complaint duration: 02/26/2001
Medications: yes
Conditions: ocd

4 Answers

OCD antidepressant dosing is usually higher than prescribed for depression or anxiety. Medication and talk therapy combined will be far more effective than medication alone. Treatment response varies; however, it isn’t uncommon for OCD treatment to take more time to achieve a reduction in symptoms. Don’t give up on treatment!
Medication is only part of the solution for treatment obsessive compulsive disorder. OCD is best addressed when the person experiencing symptoms is regularly receiving therapeutic support in addition to medication management. If your GP/PCP is prescribing your medication, consider finding a psychiatric that specializes in your condition and enlisting the support of a clinical psychologist to treat the emotional and behavioral components of the disorder.
Need to know if you are taking the right dose If you are on adequate dose make consider augmentation of switching over to your different medicine
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