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I am a man and my age is 38 and my job is accounting. I have myopia and my eye number is 5 and my Astigmatism number is 1.5. Is it okay to use a soft contact lens only once a week. For example toric lens for astigmatism. Please answer.

Female | 38 years old
Complaint duration: 12/02/1980

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Absolutely ok!
Yes of course! Now contact lens prescriptions often look very different from your eyeglass prescription due to high power of myopia or astigmatism and the distance of the prescription from your eyes. You will need to be fitted for contact lenses and get trials lenses during the exam as well as training to be able to wear them safely.
Contact lenses have improved over the last few years. With contact lenses you have the freedom to wear the lens once a week, twice a month, or everyday. I do recommend that you look at the option of a daily contact lenses if you plan to only wear the contact lens once a week. Your eye care professional will be able to evaluate your eye to see if contact lenses are a good fit for you.
Yes, that's a good and safe way of using contacts.
That would be very possible. You would need to be fit for the astigmatism-correcting contact. You should not sleep in them. The best idea is daily disposable lenses. If they feel irritated or make the eyes red, you should take them out.
Any contact lens will work as long as you don’t sleep in them. Have you tried multifocal contact lenses?
If you are fitted with the correct contacts you can wear them 12hrs a day