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Question about Lyme disease?

I have been sick for years with chronic fatigue, chronic migraines, cognitive issues, flu-like symptoms, neck pain, head pressure, convulsive-like occurrences (I have no idea what they are if they were seizures or not but I never went to a doctor about that specific symptom) and more. I have been diagnosed with ME/CFS. But recently I decided to do a western blot Lyme test cause I was curious and I have a history of tick bites. It showed I was positive for band 41 and band 39. But no other bands. I have done research and some sources have said band 39 is a Lyme-specific antibody. Could untreated Lyme disease possibly have anything to do with my illness?

Male | 30 years old
Complaint duration: Over 6 years
Medications: Lyrica, zofran, zolmitriptan
Conditions: ME/CFS and Migraine

1 Answer

Thanks for the question.
Lyme cannot absolutely be ruled out, but statistically this is not Lyme. There are multiple other possibilities, some Infectious, some not. Please see an Infectious Disease specialist for more complete work-up.

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