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Strange movement in stomach?

For about 4 days now I’ve noticed “movement” in my left side right under my breast and side of my rib cage. There’s no pain just feels like something is moving around randomly in one area. I really would like to know if this is worth a visit to the doctors or something as little as gas.

I do have acid reflux but it’s controlled with Prilosec. I am not pregnant and have regular bowel movements.

Female | 30 years old
Complaint duration: 04 days
Medications: Prilosec, singular, symbicort, vitamin D
Conditions: Asthma

5 Answers

Yes please visit your doctor.
Only monitor for now
Possible muscle cramps.
Difficult to know if this is intestinal in origin. It could be something in the abdominal wall or thorax, muscular, etc. It doesn't sound serious so I don't think it needs a doctor evaluation. If it gets worse or pain occurs then yes, see a primary care doctor.
Long term use of Prilosec can cause a lot of GI issues and increased risk for aspiration pneumonia. If this persists you should see your GI doctor. You may need a CT scan of abdomen and pelvis or abdominal US.