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My toenail turned a weird greenish color then I hit in on the corner of my bed on accident and my toenail came off partially. It was doing okay but now there is a spot of dark color on my toe. It might just be dark red dried blood, but it looks almost black. I’m scared it might be getting infected. What should I do?

Female | 16 years old
Complaint duration: Days
Medications: N/A
Conditions: CMT disease

10 Answers

You should see a podiatrist for further evaluation.

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Jay Mermelstein, DPM DABPM  ACPM
I'd recommend seeing a podiatrist or dermatologist for proper identification (diagnosis)
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It looks like it may have developed a fungal infection see a podiatrist as soon as possible
We will need to send a sample of the nail to the lab. It might be fungus
The dark spot is dried blood. Not infected.
See a Podiatrist as soon as possible
Go to your podiatrist to find out if it is infected and if you need any anabiotics or need to have it drained.

Dr. Kathleen Neuhoff
Looks like dried blood. Watch to see if it grows out or falls off. If it doesn't fall off in a month, have it checked.
The dark spot is a scab/crust. It is fine. The nail will fully grow back in about 9 months
I recommend you have a parent look at your toe and and have them schedule an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon (podiatrist) for treatment options and diagnosis