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Visiting a cancer patient who just had surgery?

Hello! I am reaching out to ask for advice. My father in law recently completed chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to remove a tumor in his esophagus. His surgery was 2 weeks ago. My husband and I want to travel via plane to visit him but we have COVID concerns. We are all vaccinated (husband, father in law, me) and have been since February of this year. My husband and I will also take a COVID test before boarding our flight. Given these precautions and circumstances, is it safe to visit my father in law who is a high-risk patient?

Female | 28 years old

3 Answers

I would try zoom because he is probably immunocompromised and vulnerable
No, Covid test can be negative and you still have COVID.
Your strategy is sound, and there should be no risk. Meanwhile, I would advise you to wear masks when visiting your father-in-law. Better safe than sorry.

Yours truly,

Dr. Richard Evan (Rick) Steele