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What can I do to help ease my child's asthma?

My 6 year old daughter has severe asthma. It seems we have tried everything, and it is really affecting her quality of life as she cannot play like other children. Is there anything I can do to help ease her asthma?

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Compliance with her asthma medicine
She needs to go to a pediatric pneumologist ASAP.
If you've tried everything, then your daughter needs to see a pediatric pulmonologist for testing to see if she actually has asthma or if there is a disease mimicking asthma. If she really has asthma, then there are excellent safe meds which can be given to control her asthma. If asthma, she can certainly be controlled by the right meds so that she can have a normal life which is important.
It sounds like you need to have your daughter seen by a pulmonologist and/or an allergist. Well controlled asthma should not interfere with her play and activity or her quality of life. There are many treatment options out there. Not knowing what she has tried or currently taking restricts further suggestions.
Sometimes it helps to see an allergist. Also, if you have carpets, you might want to consider hard floors.
Learn about the triggers and avoid the ones you can. Ask to have the child put on an asthma controller. Allergy testing. Think of GER.
Your daughter may have severe persistent asthma. She should be on control meds like singular, twice daily inhaled steroid combined with bronchodilator
Also she should see Pulmonologist every month in the beginning and when her asthma is under better control then every three months
I'm not sure what you mean by having tried everything, but as a former sufferer, I can say:

1. Consult a pediatric pulmonologist and a pediatric allergist.
2. Don't smoke.
3. Supervise her medication daily.
If she has severe asthma, she needs to be followed by an asthma specialist. You need to avoid triggers such as smoke, candles, diffusers, etc. She needs to be on a daily inhaled steroid and long-acting albuterol and use short-acting albuterol for rescue.
She needs to be on preventive meds. Swimming is good exercise for asthma.
Usually, there are many things that can be done for kids with asthma. If you have not seen an allergist, you might want to ask for a referral because once respiratory therapy has been optimized, other therapy may be helpful. Don’t despair, though. Some of the world's best athletes used their athletic training as part of their asthma therapy and then later went on to earn gold medals.

She should be taking controller medication to prevent asthma on a daily basis.
There are many triggers and causes for asthma. Majority of times, asthma is secondary to allergies that she may have. Targeting or curing her allergies will help with her asthma also. She should definitely be in the care of an asthma and allergy specialist if not already, so they can assess her symptoms and triggers and provide appropriate counseling and a treatment plan.
Asthma is an inflammatory disorder which is made worse by allergies. Make sure your child is not exposed to any foods that he might be allergic to and other allergens in the environment like dust, pollens, pet dander etc