Hematologist-Oncologist Questions Anemia

What can be done for anemia?

My son is anemic. What can be done for him?

5 Answers

He needs to be seen by a physician/hematologist to determine the cause of the anemia and treat accordingly.
It depends on the age of your son. No matter what the age the physician should do a pertinent physical exam and take a good nutritional history and family history. Depending on those findings, age appropriate laboratory tests and other exams should be ordered. If no cause for the anemia is found, referral to a hematologist is indicated. Once the cause of the anemia has been found, the appropriate treatment can be instituted.
Anemias are of different kinds and need extensive evaluation to decide on the appropriate treatment. You can call our office or a nearby hematologist for evaluation.
The most important first step in managing anemia is understanding its cause and how severe it is. Very severe anemia may initially require a transfusion, especially in older patients. Finding the cause is crucial. If it is iron deficiency, treatment with iron and a full gastro-intestinal evaluation is crucial for men.
first we need to know why he is anemic. It is due to hemoglobinopathy or thalassemia or bleeding or iron deficency anemia. If iron deficiency, then need to find out why he is iron deficient. He needs to be seen by a hematologist.