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What is good for sore gums from dentures?

I am a 39 year old female. I want to know what is good for sore gums from dentures?

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A trip to the dentist. That is the short answer. Over time, your ridge will get smaller. This has the effect of making the flanges too long. An adjustment is in order. Just putting up with the soreness can lead to redundant tissue, that requires surgery. Get it checked out before it gets worse.
If it’s just one or two high spots, the dentist can remove some acrylic in those areas. If multiple, the denture may need the entire acrylic reclined.
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See your dentist to have the area that is causing the irritation adjusted. It is possible that the denture may be too loose and needs a reline. OTC ointments like ambusol or zilactin can relieve pain temporarily.
Rinsing with warm salt water
Make sure you leave them out at night. Sometimes massaging the area with your finger will help or using peroxide on a q-tip if there is a sore spot. Best of all, see your dentist.
Rest and rinsing. There's an OTC rinse available in most pharmacies called Healthy Gums, that's excellent for sore gums. You can also use 1/2tsp salt dissolved in 12 oz warm water (every 4-6 hours) as a rinse for your soreness.
There are a few things you can do:

1- You can find Orabase ointment (over the counter) and apply it on the gum directly after drying it with a cotton.
2- You could also rinse with warm salt water.
3- Take Advil or Tylenol.
4- Keep the dentures out for a few hours to make sure the healing is faster.