Internist Questions Mouth ulcer

What is the best remedy for mouth ulcers?

I keep getting mouth ulcers off and on. They are painful but thankfully don't last more than a couple days. What is the best way to treat them?

4 Answers

The best way to treat mouth ulcers is avoiding drinking alcohol, salty foods, and spicy foods.

You can also take a supplement called L-lysine 500 milligrams every day during the outbreak of ulcers.
Most likely these are aphthous ulcers which can occur when the immune system is weakened through physical or emotional stress. As you noted they usually are self limited but to ease the discomfort in the meantime my favorite remedy is topical vitamin E oil. Just pierce a vitamin E 400 IU capsule and squeeze the oil directly on the ulcer. Pain relief is virtually instantaneous and you can do this unlimited times until the ulcer resolves. Hope this helps!
Putting touch of baking soda on the ulcers let them heal fadter. If ulcers are happening frequently of if not healing after few days you need to see your doctor
Mouth ulcers are frequently viral, and can be painful. Also known as oral stoma, they tend to respond well to lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid necessary for growth, tissue repair, and the production of antibodies, hormones, and enzymes. It is most commonly used to prevent and help decrease the incidence of herpes simplex infection (fever blisters and cold sores). It also helps promote better concentration and allows fatty acids to be used more effectively for energy production. Take 2 caps of lysine
1500 mg twice daily for the acute oral stoma. In this setting zinc 15 mg twice daily will be helpful as well. Some also benefit from methylfolate and methylcobalamin 1 mg each, taken 2-3 times a day for the same period.
Maintenance doses of lysine can continue at 1500 mg twice daily zinc 15 mg once daily and methylfolate and methylcobalamin can be ongoing as well, if you have recurrent sores, historically, and benefit from this above treatment.