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What should you not do after composite bonding?

I am a 31 year old male. I want to know what should you not do after composite bonding?

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You should treat it as any other restorative procedure. You may want to avoid foods or drink that could cause discoloration if the composite is in an esthetic zone area. Otherwise no special care is needed. If it was a composite to restore a chipped front tooth for example, you should avoid placing pressure on the repaired area with holding a hard object like a metal nail or pin between your teeth at the same spot as the repair.
The composite material used in bonding is prone to stain easily. It’s best to avoid food of color such as dark sauces, ketchup, red wine, coffee, and tea.
Interesting question. You should not go without brushing your teeth 2x a day. You should not go without flossing. You shouldn't be a stranger to your dental hygienist. You shouldn't dismiss advice from your dentist. You definitely should not neglect your oral health.

Depending on where in the mouth the bonding is, there are a few rules. If in the front of the mouth, bonding needs to be handled carefully as front teeth are thinner and have less bonding surfaces that back teeth. This means that fillings here do not have as much support, don't have as good adhesion, and are more likely to come off. You should refrain from biting into anything hard indefinitely, as you can chip or fracture the bonding (or more of your tooth).

In the back of the mouth, there is more tooth structure to adhere to with the filling, so you can chew with fewer restrictions. However, keep in mind that composite bonding is a plastic material and not impervious to breaking. Composite bonding will wear faster than and stain quicker than your natural tooth also. Luckily, composite bondings are repairable and replaceable.
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Dr. Farr
Definitely do not use your teeth as tools, so no fingernail biting, biting fish line, tearing potato chip bags, and the like. If you grind your teeth, you should wear a bite guard. If you have sleep apnea, have that treated. Acid in your diet can degrade the surface over time, so watch that. Also, when you get your teeth cleaned, a coarse polishing paste should be avoided on those teeth. Enamelize or something equivalent to polish is best to use by your hygienist.