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When can I return to work after gum graft surgery?

I found out I have 4 teeth that need grafting. I was offered the option to get them all done in one shot. What would recovery look like? Is it worth it to space it out?

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If all 4 teeth are in the same area, then yes, best to get it all done in one time. If they are in two different sides of the mouth, then for comfort, get the right side first and then the left side.
Most patients can go back to work the next day after surgery.
Your diet should be modified and movement on the surgical area should be limited for few days. So all 4 teeth can be done but your post surgical care will be depending on the areas of surgery and donor tissue site.
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I would recommend that you have all 4 areas completed because there would be less appointments, less prescriptions, and with each soft tissue grafting, there is a period of about 3-4 weeks of a soft diet. So overall, there would be much less impact on your lifestyle, time off work, amount of medications , if you did them all at one time.
Exposure of roots of teeth may be unaesthetic, have sensitivity to hot/cold, or be predisposed to getting cavities. It is generally recommended to restore the missing tissue to recreate gingival (gum) health. Recovery depends highly on the technique used for surgery. Grafting the roots of teeth takes less time, has minimal discomfort due to eliminating incisions (no cuts are made in the gum), eliminating donor sites (grafts are not borrowed from the mouth), and sometimes sutures are not even required. Treating multiple teeth at one appointment is now done comfortably with advances in techniques and medications. IV sedation is also an option as a twilight sleep that reduces the perceived length of the appointment and provides amnesia, so you may not even remember it!
I would recommend to space them out if it is in different sides of your mouth. If is is on the same side, do all at the same time. Recovery is subjective. You can return to work the day after or 2 days after.
If they are in the same site it has to be done in the same time since it is going to count as one surgery.
Usually it is 48 hr of discomfort
Recovery really depends on the individual, your systemic conditions and if you smoke. The decision to graft all 4 teeth at one time also depends if a soft tissue graft is needed from a donor site in the mouth or if you are opting for the use of an allograft or if no additional tissue grafting is required. It's really hard to say without seeing the severity of the teeth involved, and the condition of the existing tissue.
We usually recommend to treat them all in a single session. There are different options with gum grafts. If you use your own tissue the recovery is a little longer but the long term outcome seems to be more stable in general. I recommend to be on light duties for 3-4 days.
If you would like to come in for a complimentary second opinion please don't hesitate to call our office at 425-454-1010. Please mention that Dr. Raval offered this and they will schedule you for a complimentary consult. We also go over all your recovery options at the time of the consult. Hope you have a great start into 2018!
Neal Raval
In most cases you can return to work the very next day. And yes it is possible to have them all completed the same day.
Recovery is similar for many of the surgical procedures. The first three days are the most intense with post-operative signs an symptoms of trauma or inflammation: swelling, moderate soreness, possible minor bruising. If the 4 teeth requiring grafting are on the same side of the mouth, it is certainly more practical to do it all at once. If they are in different sides of the mouth (left/right), you may elect to do them separately, but it will require two appointments, two healing periods, twice the # of prescriptions, etc. I'd follow the recommendation given by your treating surgeon. She/he knows better the particular situation of your condition.
If all 4 teeth are in the same area such as the upper left or upper right etc. I would do them together. If they are in different areas I would do the surgeries at different times so that you still would have a place to eat. As far as going back to work most of my patients go back to work the next day.
That is something that you need to ask the periodontist who is performing your procedures. It is dependent on the type of graft, how many areas of the mouth he or she will be working in, and your own history of healing following surgery. 
Are these 4 teeth on the same area? side by side?
if yes, it is better to get them done all at the same time...

Recovery from gum grafting:
- you might develop some swelling and Bruising the first 4-5 days, the peak of inflammation is at 72 hours post surgery and after that it should get better.....

- you might have discomfort on the the surgical site around the teeth that are being grafted and palatal donor site (if your own tissue is being used) which might last the first 5-7 days

- Patients usually return to work as early as day after surgery unless they have a very physical job which requires picking up heavy lifting...

- Cardio and heavy lifting activities should be postponed for 2 weeks to prevent swelling and bleeding complications

You should get all graft done in one appointment because of donar site .The grafts are usually painful procedures and the pain for one or all teeth would not be that much of different all this depends on what type of graft would be used.