General Practitioner Questions Common Cold

“When to go in?”

I just got over a cold and now I have a hard time breathing, it feels like I cant catch my breath and my stomach hurts from coughing so much and I'm coughing so hard it makes my nose bleed, also keep having sharp pains in my side and I also keep having a headache and with in a week I have just about lost 10 pounds I have no appetite.... should I go into the doctors?

Female | 17 years old
Complaint duration: 7 days

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Definitely you need to see a physician, sooner better than later.
Yes, I recommend that you go in to be evaluated and treated.
Yes, do go see a GP and make sure the infection's not gone into your chest.
Yes, you should go to the doctor or the emergency room as soon as possible.
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Yes, you should get checked - you may have bronchitis or pneumonia.
Sorry for the late reply. I hope you have been to the doctor. Feeling breathless is a definite sign to go to the doctor.

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Cold in general is usually caused by a virus and treated symptomatically (over-the-counter medications), however, in case of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, seeing the doctor would be recommended.

More information will be needed as to a history of asthma or/and smoking, as both can make cold symptoms much worse and medical intervention will be needed as soon as possibe. The cough is usually a result of the shortness of the breath sometimes and frequently cough would sometimes lead to side and rib pain as the muscles will become exhausted from the frequent coughing; in some old patients, it may lead to fracture in their ribs on occasions.
It would be recommended to see a doctor in case of cold with:
- fever
- sore throat (severely painful)
- shortness of breath and difficulty breathing (with or without cough)
You need a professional clinical evaluation - this can be done via telephone, telemedicine, such as Call-a-Doc, or go into a walk in center - it seems that you are ailing and need help to get back into good health.
Yes, you have several issues that indicate you will likely need further workup and prescription treatment.
Difficulty breathing and unintended weight loss are definitely reasons to see your doctor.
What else you waiting for???
Yes, go to your doctor if he can see you. If your doctor is unavailable go to your nearest urgent care center or hospital emergency department.

J.A. Brasiel, MD
You need to go see your doctor!
Yes, weight loss, cough, breathing issues are good reasons to do a blood work. You may have allergies or some lung infection.
Hello. Thank you for your question. It looks like this should be addressed right away. Please call our office to schedule an appointment. Or if you don't live in our area, call another physician's office near you.
Yes, you should definitely see your doctor. Depending on your lung exam, you may or may not need a chest X-ray. It's not normal to have so much pain after a cold.
From the sound of things, you likely have a secondary bacterial bronchitis or pneumonia. What is more worrisome is that you are likely clinically dehydrated as well. I would visit your local emergency room as soon as possible for IV fluids, antibiotics and medication to open up your airways!!!
Yes go get evaluated by your PCP as soon as possible
Sure. You need to see a doctor ASAP. It might be a serious infection that needs antibiotics prescription.
1- you need a chest x- ray
2- waters x-ray to check sinusitis
3-cbc/ blood check
4- if you have productive cough, you need antibiotic
5- antihistamines are useful
6- decongestant
7-warm drinking and soap
Symptoms like yours persisting after “cod” require attention of medical doctor.
List of possible cold complications are broad,but pneumonia must be ruled out first.
With these many symptoms, you should definitely see a doctor. You may have pneumonia or severe bronchitis that should be treated with medications and possibly an anti-inflammatory steroid.