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Which hernia surgery is best?

I am a 43 year old male and I have an inguinal hernia. Which hernia surgery is best?

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Hi, Dr. Willkomm here.

You have a good question. In my opinion, there is not one “best” approach for all hernias. For the most part, I prefer a laparoscopic hernia repair, however, there are exceptions to the rule.
You need to discuss with your surgeon - laparoscopic or open approach.
It depends on which type of hernia you have, but in adults we do recommend inguinal hernia repair with mesh. This greatly decreases the chance of recurrence (when compared to repair without mesh).
I am around your age, and if I needed an inguinal surgery fixed I would make sure the surgeon specializes in laparoscopic or robotic repair and was experienced with at least a few hundred cases under his or her belt. I think TAPP repairs have fewer recurrences that TEP repairs, but no studies have definitively proven this observation. I have preferences when it comes to which specific mesh I would choose to use, but that discussion is too technical for this forum. If you would like to be evaluated, I would be happy to provide my opinion. Telehealth is an option, but sub-optimal as there can be no hands-on evaluation.
Laparoscopic hernia surgery with mesh.
I recommend robotic-assisted laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernias. There are specific indications for an open versus laparoscopic repair, and each procedure has its own risks and benefits. Every surgeon has their own particular expertise. One repair is typically not "better" than the other though.