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Why is my old root canal hurting?

I am 37 year old male. My old root canal is hurting. What could be the cause?

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Failed root canal, either re treat or apicoectomy or extract.
Many reasons, depending on when it was done and what kind of restoration the tooth has. Sometimes root canaled teeth get decayed under a crown or at the margins of the crowns. That causes the bacteria to travel to the canals and cause a recurrent infection. Sometimes severe gum disease causes an infection in the canals. It may also be a failed filling or a fracture. Sometimes it's due to the bite being imbalanced. Seeing a dentist is important because an early intervention can save the tooth.
Pretty common these days could be a few possibilities: 1.) excessive clenching forces causing inflammation and ache, 2.) filling inside tooth failing (maybe due to previous possibility). 3.) fracture of tooth root.
There can be many causes as to why your old root canal tooth may be hurting. The first thing that you should do, is see your general dentist for a consult on the tooth.
Original infection not healed, reinfection, fracture, periodontal, referred from some other source (TMJ, muscle) or another tooth. See your endodontist to verify the correct diagnosis.
Good Luck.
The cause could be because it became infected. An endodontist should evaluate to see if the tooth can be saved.
Maybe it's failing. It's caused by the bacteria leaking from your mouth into the jawbone. Those bacteria are responsible for pain and swelling. You need to see an endodontist.
You have not provided enough information for me to be able to give you a definite answer. There could be many reasons, so if it bothers you, you should make an appointment with an endodontist to have it evaluated.