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Will I need reading glasses after cataract surgery?

I am a 67 year old male. I want to know will I need reading glasses after cataract surgery?

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Yes, if you are corrected for good distance vision. Unless you use new presbyopic correcting lenses

Whether you will need glasses to read depends on the kind of implant that is used in surgery and how accurate the calculations are that were used to choose the strength of the implanted lens.
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After cataract surgery if you receive the standard implant paid for by insurance you will need reading glasses. You could also choose monovision which is one eye for distance and the other for near. Usually these patients have tried it previously with contant lens . There are also implants that correct far and near vision called extended depth of focus lens or trifocals implant .These lenses are not covered by insurance.
It depends on the type of intra ocular lens ( IOL implant ) that is placed into your eye. There are 3 main types: 1) distance vision correction without astigmatism correction - yes you will need reading glasses after surgery, 2) distance vision with astigmatism correction - yes, you will need reading glasses and 3) multifocal IOL - no reading glasses required approximately 90-95% of the time. Discuss the types with your cataract surgeon.
It depends on several important factors. Assuming you have healthy eyes (except for cataracts), the most important is the shape of your eyes and the second most important is the type of implant you choose to have placed in your eyes.
Answer: It depends. If you choose a standard IOL in each eye targeted for uncorrected distance AND you have no corneal astigmatism, then you will still need readers to see targets less than 3 feet away. There are other options which may allow you to read without readers after cataract surgery, but that is a long conversation best undertaken with your cataract surgeon.
You will most probably need reading glasses after cataract surgery.
Most likely yes
Hello! Medicare and the vast majority of insurances pay free distance only implant. Unless you’ve paid for a custom multifocal implant you will need reading glasses and a separate pair of computer glasses. I’m a big advocate of multifocals for my patients after cataract surgery. There may be a distance Rx left over and we’re doing a lot more computer work these days. You may also notice increased brightness from the sun and glare at night.