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Do you recommend acupuncture for children?

My child has severe allergies and I heard acupuncture helps. But is he too young for it? He's 9 years old.

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There are all kinds of techniques developed throughout centuries for dealing with children. I do see from couple months old to all ages. But some acupuncturist might have restriction. It is better to check with one who you are going to.
We can treat anyone at any age. If a little one has any issues, they respond so much quicker to this medicine than us adults. So, don't wait.
Yes. Acupuncture doctors can use alternate ways (i.e., acupressure, herbs, laser acupuncture) if your child is afraid of needles.
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1. Children below 4 years old do not recommend acupuncture most of the time.
2. Over 4 years old to 9 years old acupuncture therapy is recommended but depends on the case.
3. Your child, 9 years old should be a good candidate for acupuncture therapy but talk to the practitioner and the pediatrician before you take the action.

No- he is not too young but if he is afraid then it may not work as well. For most children, I do back treatments (needles in the back along the spine). It is more gentle and very relaxing. I also do laser acupuncture if they are just too scared of needles.
NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) I have read testimonials and talked with other acupuncturists who claim that NAET acupuncture is very effective at treating child allergies.
I absolutely recommend acupuncture for kids, especially for allergies. The acupuncture will not go beyond the child's comfort level and acupuncture is extra effective for children.
Yes. You will need to consult with a licensed acupuncturist who specializes in children. Cupping also helpful to clear the lungs. Thanks
Absolutely not too young for treatment. I treat babies in my practice for everything from colic to jaundice.

Ideally, allergy treatments should start prior to allergy season, but starting anytime would be beneficial in managing symptoms. Starting treatments before the season is in full swing, can actually decrease or even elliminate allgergic reactions altogether.
Yes acupuncture works great for children. I’ve had several children with allergies around the age you mentioned. They do great with acupuncture. Linda Faust
As long as he can stay calm during the acupuncture session, nine years old is in fact a good age to receive acupuncture.
Acupuncture on children can begin as early as age 4 or 5 with no retention of the needles. At age 9, retention of the needles may only last 5-10 minutes. I have treated children for allergies with the acupuncture which calms the nervous system and reduces the immuno-response to allergens. In addition to the acupuncture, I recommend an herbal supplementation such as Cang Er Zi San.

John Holt, Dipl OM, LAc
Yes - acupuncture is completely suitable for children. Some acupuncturists specialize in pediatric acupuncture. Both needles and non-needle techniques are available.
Consult a LAc (Licensed Acupuncturist) about your child's specific needs.
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In TCM, we do treat children because we work with energy and we all have energy running in our bodies. Having said that, children are just the same as adults. TCM treats even infants. Please see your family doctor and have them diagnose the allergies and they may recommend an acupuncturist.
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It depends on the age. For the very young, we can use other modalities like pressure, not needles.
Absolutely, I recommend acupuncture for children! I have treated my grandchildren since they were babies with acupuncture, herbs and shoni-shin a Japanese-style massage.
Allergies are an immune system response to a trigger. Homeopathics have actually shown to lessen a person's response to an allergen through homeopathic exposure to the pathogen, and acupuncture can change the immune system response such as histamine which is release by mast cells, a natural white cell produced by our bodies. A histamine response to an allergen doesn't mean that the allergen is bad, it just that for some reason our bodies react severely to it. Acupuncture helps our bodies lower and manage inflammatory responses. An allergic response is an inflammatory response.
A 9-year old will respond quickly to acupuncture, but in some cases, your acupuncturist might recommend other therapies such as shoni-shin that you can do at home to help your son between treatments.

No, he is not too young. Even newborns and infants may get acupuncture. And it's really very effective for allergies.
Thanks for thinking about acupuncture for your child. The techniques used on children are usually different than acupuncture for adults.

Because the curative power of acupuncture lies in the body’s acupuncture points, needles are just one of many ways to access the qi. Some practitioners do use needles with children, but the needles are withdrawn quickly and not retained.

Other options to access the qi include acupressure, tuning forks applied to the points, acubeads that adhere to the points, and light or laser application.

Using acupuncture modalities with children can be quite successful as the body’s vital force is generally stronger in the young. Check with acupuncturists in your area to determine who might work with children.
Your concern is understandable and we do not treat very young children such as infants and toddlers. However, 9 years old is of sufficient age to receive acupuncture. It doesn't hurt as our needles are like cat whiskers or kitten claws. Just bring him in and we can discuss it and explain to him how acupuncture can help with his allergies. Yes, it can and does help! My front office staff will be happy to schedule a convenient time for your free consultation. (716) 688-1768. Thanks for your question.
Yes, acupuncture is good for children. In China, children are treated by acupuncture since they are born. Find somebody who is experienced in treating children.
Yes, I do recommend acupuncture for children. 9 is not too young to receive acupuncture.
I don't believe a child can be too young for acupuncture. I have treated babies, so 9 years old is certainly old enough. Try to find someone who has treated children. Those who have have many techniques and tools so there is no discomfort at all for the kids. I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old patient, both of whom ask to be brought to see Dr. Ellen when they're not feeling well.
There is no age too young or too old to receive acupuncture or Chinese medicine. I'm certain if it were necessary for a surgery or other western medical treatment such as allergy shots, you wouldn't hesitate to take your child. So, just think of this as another type of medical treatment to help your son.

Depending on his ability to sit still, the practitioner may just do some "in and out" needling or may opt for using a pressing tool instead of piercing tool. We have a lot of options and strategies to work with. My advice would be to ask around and find someone in your area who works with children regularly.

Good luck.
Children respond quickly to acupuncture. Sometimes within just a few minutes. The needles don't stay in when they are very small and don't need to be retained long until they are older. I recommend finding an acupuncturists specializing in pediatrics.
Yes, children's acupuncture is different from adult.
I've worked with kids in that age range. Acupuncture can generally be excellent for allergies; you're going to be looking for a couple things:

1. A practitioner that both you and your son are comfortable with. Go out to the 'Find a Practitioner' page at and look up some folks who are close to you. Call around and see who offers a free consult, then take your son for a visit. It may take a little extra time, but not everyone is good with kids and your son needs to be as comfortable as possible.

2. I'd also suggest trying to find someone who knows how to treat using relatively few needles - like 10 or less. Most of the time, when I'm working with kids, I try to keep it under 5.

After that, a lot will depend on your son's ability to tolerate the needles and to sit/lay with them for a short amount of time. Kids typically respond to acupuncture really quickly, so it shouldn't take many visits to see results.