Acupuncturist Questions Infertility

How does acupuncture help in treating infertility?

My sister is having problems conceiving. My mother wants her to try acupuncture. How will acupuncture help in treating her infertility problem? I don't really see the connection.

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Acupuncture helps the circulation, removes stagnation, sends a lot of blood flow and nutrients to the affected area (uterus and ovaries). For infertility, I highly recommend patients take herbs. The herbs will be prescribed weekly following the menstruation cycle. Moxibustion is also recommended during treatment.
Acupuncture is effective in balancing the whole body, including hormones. If hormone imbalance is an underlying problem for your sister, treatment may be effective. Consult the American Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) at for more information about acupuncture and where to find practitioners who specialize in the treatment of infertility.
Acupuncture can help in treating infertility on both men and women.

Dr. Hui (Grace) Gao LAc., TCMD
Acupuncture helps the body operate at its optimum efficiency. It may be that your sister is putting her energy towards other things rather than conceiving - whether on a physical, mental, or emotional level. Acupuncture can help re-distribute that energy and build her resources to conceive. That does not mean it's a magic bullet. It will just put her in the best shape possible for nature to take its course.
Acupuncture can help with energy flow and release the mind and body. There is much research suggesting acupuncture for IVF, or IUI.
Myriad parameters have to be addressed to determine a course of treatments for infertility. In as much as acupuncture increasing vaso-dilation (blood circulation) along with hormonal modulation, these play into the myriad reasons for infertility. Other factors, stress; diet; exercise; etc., are addressed as well. I've helped many families get started, those using IVF and those au naturale. Keep in mind, men may have issues that need correcting. We've had a few over the years with good success.
There are established protocols for infertility treatment using acupuncture.
Infertility may be caused by so many things. I would need to see your sister and find out what is causing her infertility problem, then do either acupuncture treatments or herb medicine to help her.
Chinese medicine (which encompasses many therapies including acupuncture) was mainstream medicine dating back thousands of years ago before medication or anything like that ever existed. With this medicine alone, emperors of China were living into their 90s during a time where the life expectancy was into the 30s. If that doesn't clue you in to how powerful this medicine is, then I don't know what will. Acupuncture is an amazing therapy because it is COMPLETELY natural and it makes your body do the work. Meaning, it teaches your body to heal itself through its own, self-programmed healing capability (programmed in your brain from the second you started developing). By improving blood circulation all throughout your body, acupuncture therapy helps to reduce inflammation (which is the primary cause of any issue in the body whether it be illness, pain, blockage, etc.) and as it does this, everything functions better (including fertility). You can read about countless studies on it and success stories from women who have tried several IVF cycles, gotten nowhere, then tried acupuncture and got pregnant right away. Happens all the time. Good luck to your sister.
Acupuncture treat infertility by balancing the harmonizing the hormones along with dispersing stagnation. Fertility is very reliant upon the hormones being in balance in order to conceive. This is putting it very simply, and acupuncture is very effective at treating infertility. :)
Infertility could be due to different problems. It could be due to age, Due to many years to use of the pills. Or simple as stress. Your sister needs to consult acupuncturist to see for could be done
Acupuncture and Herbal formula is one of the best treatments for infertility unless women has physical problem. Two of those method can make warm woman's uterus or better blood circulation to help pregnant. As know most people, low body temperature especially low belly part of women generate the problem of infertility. Ask your sister, if her low belly, hands or feet are cold or not.
Acupuncture basically stimulates the nervous system and send signals to the brain, which then sends messages to different parts of the body depending on the area treated (in your sister’s case, the ovaries, uterus and endocrine system) to strengthen and improve those organs’ functions.
Acupuncture is know to be able to help enrich the endometrial lining, assisting in implantation. It can also be used to help harmonize general gynecological function, and even help unblock some cases of fallopian tube obstruction by way of encouraging internal movement of blood.
Acupuncture can help conceiving problem. You can do some homework online about "acupuncture and infertility." A licensed acupuncturist needs to see the patient before making a treatment plan. It is very individual.
Good day to you and thank you for your question. I will attempt to answer your question as simply as possible. Infertility can be due to many factors. In Traditonal Chinese Medicine, (TCM) our goal is to achieve balance of the flow of QI, (Chee) or Energy. The Qi flows up and down the body via energy pathways called meridians. It is Qi that moves blood and it is blood that feeds the body and the internal organs. If the energy flows as it should, the body will be at ease and conception will occur. Stress, diet, sleep, state of mind and exercise effects the flow of this Qi, resulting in (dis-ease). Acupuncture is the use of one time use, Sterile stainless steel fine needles at specific areas of the meridian. Each area or point has an indication and an action, which will balance the flow of qi. In an effort to conceive, the uterus should be the right environment for the embryo. If the qi flows too slow, the uterus may too cold, if the qi moves too fast, it may be too hot, or vice versa. Acupuncture will be used to balance the flow of Qi. However may to need to examine diet and emotional state of mind and be willing to take Chinese Herbal medicine, change diet and exercise in conjunction with Acupuncture. I hope this helps, thank you for your question and good luck.
This is a very good question and the answer is quite complicated. Many data directly affect the pregnancy rate such as period, egg quality, stress level, emotion, body energy, and so on and so forth. Please call 9178865969 to set up a consultation appointment so that I can explain to you according to your personal information.
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Thank you for your question.

It would be best to consult the treating acupuncturist regarding their ability and approach to assist. This is a very specific diagnosis and as I am not your sister's provider, I do not and should not have the specifics about whether acupuncture can help. Ultimately, it is your sister’s choice and her privacy and autonomy with what can be emotionally very challenging to navigate should be respected and supported.

Again, thank you for wanting to educate yourself and reaching out.

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I understand acupuncture can benefit infertility. There are some specialists in the San Diego area. Unfortunately, I do not know any personally.

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Greg C. Bieg, Lic. Ac.
Acupuncturists treat infertility by addressing the underlying problems that affect fertility such as an under-functioning thyroid (hypothyroidism) or over-functioning thyroid (hyperthyroidism). Although not all underlying infertility problems can be treated by acupuncture, the treatment's effect of improved ovarian and follicular function generally improves fertility. Additionally, acupuncture can increase blood flow to the endometrium, helping to facilitate a thick, rich lining which in turn improves fertility. This is generally how acupuncture works for infertility, but every patient's case is different. For me to be able to come up with a treatment plan which includes acupuncture treatments and herbs I would need to meet with the patient and set up a plan specific for them.
I hope this answered your question. If you have any more, please do not hesitate to contact us at Mulberry Leaf Acupuncture & Herbs.

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Aleksandra Dianova, L.Ac.

Acupuncture has proven to have much success in treating various causes of infertility. Acupuncture treats the root cause of a patient's infertility. During the initial intake with each patient we work together to discover what that individual's root cause of infertility is which points us in the direction of what the best course of action is.


Acupuncture can help in treating infertility by:
1. Normalizing menstrual cycle and hormone levels
2. Improving pregnancy outcome in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss
3. Increasing blood flow to uterus and ovaries, which can improve the quality of the eggs and increase chances of implantation
4. Returning ovulation if it had ceased due to PCOS

and, in general, by returning the body to its original balance.
Yes, acupuncture has been studied in the States and overseas for infertility treatment. The secret is acupuncture will trigger the brain to produce sufficient hormones and to bring in more blood to the pelvic area to support either natural conception or artificial conception.
"Western medicine or Chinese medicine is OK, but I suggest that patients first go to Western medicine for examination." Western medicine is good at handling organic lesions and hormone therapy. If the examination shows that tubal obstruction, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids are too large, problems that lead to infertility, it is recommended that the Western assessment of the need for surgical treatment.

If the organs are normal in structure, but only lack in function, they can be nursed back to health by Chinese medicine because Chinese medicine is good at adjusting constitution and changing the body environment so as to enhance organ function. Chinese medicine does not contain hormones, but many herbs can simulate the function of progesterone in the body; Chinese medicine can help regulate ovulation by ovulation and improve egg quality.
Acupuncture can also improve the bad sperm motility, lack of quantity, poor quality.

By the way, the most important is that you work and rest normally, get regular exercise, and eat a balanced diet.
Thanks for your question! Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be very beneficial for infertility. Your sister will likely improve her chances of conceiving with acupuncture because it improves blood flow to the reproductive organs, eases stress, normalizes the endocrine system, and is helpful for improving the health and well being of all other systems in the body.
Acupuncture is a recognized treatment for all kinds of issues, one of which is women's health and infertility. I specialize in working with women and helping them increase their fertility through acupuncture and nutrition. A woman's fertility is not static, but is actually something that can be changed over time depending on our lifestyle. A woman's menstrual cycle tells me a lot about her fertility. It's a good indicator of our progress as we are working together. Treatments promote circulation to the uterus
and the ovaries.

I generally see my fertility patients once a week and do treatments
An experienced TCM doctor has to evaluate her condition to find the causes of the difficulty of fertility, QI blockage, blood energy deficiency, blood stagnation, Yin and yang deficiency, all can cause fertility problems. Once the diagnosis is made, and the treatment with herbal formula, acupuncture, food therapy, and certain lifestyle changes will implant for care.
According to reasearch and what I’ve seen in my practice, acupuncture helps to balance the hormones and the endocrine system, increases blood flow in the body and therefore the reproductive organs, and reduces stress. Increasing oxygen in the blood with acupuncture also helps the body create a perfect environment to get pregnant.
I first start with a history of both parties, so I can get to know you and try to establish any patterns. I also ask that you provide any history and lab work done by western medical doctors. I look at your occupation and home life and evaluate how much stress and anxiety is present. I then check your tongue and pulse and palpate several points looking for tenderness. From here we start the process of balancing the organ systems, regulating the menstrual cycle, balancing hormones and reducing any stress. This process is done through acupuncture and herbal formulas over a course of 90 days.
Thanks for asking! I'm going to attach some study links below so that you have some information to review. From a bio-medical perspective, acupuncture is doing several things, all of which can potentially benefit someone experiencing infertility. It can increase blood flow, alter endocrine function, and is generally relaxing.

There are lots of different reasons why a woman may be experiencing infertility: PCOS, endometriosis, structural issues with the fallopian tubes, and so on. It's best to have some idea, from the perspective of western medicine, where the problem lies before coming to an acupuncturist for assistance.

I've done a bit of work with menstrual issues, PCOS, and infertility. I'm usually pretty successful, unfortunately correcting the underlying issues takes some time. Usually, we're looking at 3 months or so to get the hormones regulated. If your sister is in or near Woodland Park, CO, I offer a free 30-minute consult. If she's somewhere else (even out of state), I can usually come up with a referral.


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Jeff Rippey, L.Ac.
A patient, who has been diagnosed with infertility, might have many issues that are affecting her reproductive system to function well. These issues could be: stress, anxiety, depression, low libido, Irregular cycle, endometriosis... The role of the acupuncturist is to understand the patient and her condition. For the assessment to be complete, we will recommend that the male partner has a full check-up as well. Acupuncture is a medical procedure that will help balancing the nervous system and increase blood flow within the organs in order to set the stage for pregnancy. Furthermore, plants and a modified diet are usually prescribed in conjunction to the acupuncture therapy to provide maximum results.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM
Hello, thank you for your inquiry. Acupuncture has a regulatory effect on the endocrine system, helping the body naturally balance hormone levels. It can translate into reestablishing periods in patients who do not menstruate or suffer from PCOS, it can make ovulation and cycles more regular, eliminate PMS and menstrual pain. Acupuncture is also shown to improve blood flow to the ovaries and endometrium helping with ovulation and potentially implantation as well as helping support early pregnancy. Overall calming effect, improving sleep, digestion and decreasing anxiety by promoting parasympathetic nervous system mode is more conducive to achieving and maintaining pregnancy as well.
Hope this helps
Acupuncturist treats patients by giving stimulations to their body and trigger their body to adjust. So I usually consider the problems coming from functional unbalance and the confusion of the body the strength of acupuncture.

A lot of infertility comes from endocrine disorders, Immune system disorders and low function of organs. That falls right into the treatable area of acupuncture.

Generally speaking, on husband side, if he's able to produce functional sperm, even if it's count and activity is low, acupuncture will be able to help. (meaning that the function of producing and transporting sperm still exists, without severe blockage)
On wife side, if she still has menstruation and somehow ovulates, acupuncture will be able to help. (meaning that the uterus and ovaries are still functional, without severe blockage)

Orange Acupuncture
Acupuncture works to influence the circulation of the body as well as the hormones the body produces. Depending on the cause of your sister's infertility, acupuncture could help to make her basal body temperature more receptive to conception. Many acupuncturists make use of herbal formulas, which also help to influence the body's circulation and hormone production. If your sister is infertile because of a hormone imbalance or a circulatory issue, then there is a good chance that an acupuncturist can
help her to conceive.
Acupuncture mainly helps stimulate circulation, so in the case of infertility, it'll help to increase blood flow to the uterus and prep for a better nurturing environment for the fetus. Also, it depends on what is the cause of infertility, needs to take care of that underlying issue first, for example regulating menstrual cycle and such. It's better to make an appointment with an acupuncturist and get a consultation on what the issue is.
Acupuncture is a really good addition to treatment for fertility problems, we have used it alone or in conjunction with IVF treatment. There is a really good book to help understand the role of acupuncture, The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis
Acupuncture increase blood flow to the uterus, which improves the chance of implanting and ovum on the uterine wall. Also, acupuncture supports the body to produce healthy eggs, normalize the hormone and endocrine system, and also reduce stress. All of these support a successful childbirth. Acupuncture has been proven to regulate the menstrual cycle and it is a safe and natural approach.
Hope all of these help answer your questions.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you so much,

Huan Wen Jonathan Fang
Acupuncture can increase fertility by reducing stress, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and balancing the endocrine system, according to several studies and medical research.

The goal of an infertility treatment from a Chinese medicine perspective is not just to get pregnant, but to stay pregnant and to have a healthy baby. So, regulating the menstrual cycle is the starting point, and keeping the body in balance throughout the pregnancy is vital.

Among many other benefits, acupuncture can provide better blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, creating a stronger chance for an egg to be nourished and carried to term.

By reducing stress, acupuncture can prevent hormonal disruptions that are caused by cortisol, can help prevent stress related spasms in the uterus or fallopian tubes. Acupuncture can also help regulate the balance between the hypothalamus, pituitary and the reproductive organs.

For men, acupuncture treatments can again, help with hormonal balance, with production and motility of healthy sperm.

There are some things that acupuncture would not be able to help, i.e. blocked tubes or tubal adhesions, menopausal women would not be good candidates, etc.

I do not personally work with infertility, but can help you find a practitioner if you would like more information from someone who works directly with this issue.
Oriental Medicine has 5,000 years of experience, knowledge and wisdom. In Oriental Medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine or other therapies improve the physical constitution and promote the possibility of pregnancy. However, it is good to get an accurate diagnosis in Western Medicine before coming to the Oriental clinic. If surgery is needed, it must be resolved first.
Acupuncture helps with the reproductive function by improving the condition of physical organs that are involved as well as balancing the hormones that helps a woman to be pregnant. It helps the blood flow in the uterus and also helps to control the temperature of the reproductive organs to be pregnant and stay pregnant - also to have a healthy pregnant. Acupuncture also helps the digestive organs to absorb the nutrients and get rid of of the excess toxins in your body to help transfer nutrients to help the reproductive organs.
If you have anymore questions or concerns, please feel free to email us.


Dr. Scott Sang In LeeChun Am Acupuncture천암 한의원 
Just like a Medical doctor cannot guarantee success when doing an IVF, so also can a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, like myself, not guarantee success with Acupuncture. In comparison, Medical MD's will prescribe certain Hormones, and TCM Doctors will prescribe herbs during certain phases of your menstrual cycle. TCM Doctors focus as much on the cause of the infertility as they focus on the treatment of the infertility. I use some of the Tools from the medical field and require that a woman brings a BBT chart for the last 3 months of her cycle, before starting treatment. I also require the both the man and the woman undergo treatment simultaneously. Western Medicine doctors obtain lab results and TCM practitioners look at the tongue and the pulse to assess the patient's current status. Just like with Medical doctors the menstrual cycle is key in diagnostics. The diagnostic vary between east and west, as MD's work with hormones, we work with the elements of Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood. We as TCM practitioners also work with the elements of Air/wood, Fire Water, Earth and Ether/Metal. These elements are represented in the organs of the body, and forms the groundwork for TCM diagnostics and treatment with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Moxibustion
Acupuncture is an excellent modality to treat problems with fertility. I have treated many clients over the last 14 years with this issue and have had 85% success rate.

Acupuncture increases energy and blood flow throughout the body and acupuncture point placement focuses the treatment on individual organ systems. Emotions and stress response are soothed and equalized, allowing the brain to get out of "fight-or-flight/stress" mode and remain in "normal function/relaxation" mode. When stressed or emotionally tight, the body is not able to perform optimally. Acupuncture eliminates imbalances and increases normal function. Acupuncture also stimulates and balances the endocrine/hormonal system.

When there are imbalances within the physical or emotional bodies, energy and therefore information transmission between cells, tissues organs is lacking, causing dysfunction. Acupuncture moves and strengthens energy and therefore the flow of vital information within the body for maximum health.

There are many different underlying issues that may cause fertility problems, and once a Chinese medicine diagnosis is made identifying the root problems, treatment is begun. The normal length of time necessary for treatment depends on the diagnosis. With fertility issues, 4 months of treatment is usual.

Acupuncture will be the main treatment modality. I may also employ Chinese herbs, food therapy (using foods as medicine), acupressure and reflexology TaiJi and Qigong exercises. I hold a Masters in Oriental Medicine and have studied extensively over the years with Dr. Richard Tan, a master acupuncturist and instructor.

Please feel free to call me at 540-309-4105 for more information or stop in my office to say hello. Whatever your sister decides, acupuncture and Chinese medicine should be at the top of her list of things to do to ultimately become pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy and experience a normal delivery. Chinese medicine has been treating women's health issues successfully for thousands of years.

Health & Happiness,

Mari Mengarelli DOM LAc
Infertility issues in most cases are due to a lack of blood supply to the female reproductive organs. Acupuncture and herbal medication can improve blood circulations around the lower abdominal area in which reproductive organs are located. It could take up to 6 months to see the result depending on the severity of the condition. Thanks.
Thank you for your question. Approximately 80% of my practice in New York City involved treating patients with infertility. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the oldest, continually practiced, and professionally administered health care system in the world. It is a documented medical system spanning over 2,500 years based on comprehensive philosophies, rational theories, clinically tested and empirically verified by over 100 generations of highly educated practitioners. Chinese Medicine is a total system of internal medicine which is comprised of a diagnostic procedure based on signs, symptoms and treatment styles including acupuncture, herbal medicine, exercise, diet and meditation. It’s foundation is based on the principles of balance; the interdependent relationship of Yin and Yang. Through this balance, health is achieved and maintained.

Acupuncture (along with herbs) can be a very effective treatment ti increase blood flow to the uterus. This helps with a better shedding of the lining during the period and strengthens the lining of the uterus so that an egg can attach more easily. It helps to boost immunity and stimulate the Fallopian tubes. It is an important tool for regulating irregular periods, treating PCOS and fibroids and assists in the overall function of the reproductive system in both women and men!

I hope this helps.

Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
Acupuncture, one modality out of Chinese medicine, is just a portion of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine as a whole addresses the entire body-mind-spirit system. Infertility is OFTEN, though not always, a sign of deficiency. This deficiency can be strengthened through the use of acupuncture, nutrition, and some supplementation. Western medicine fails to address this aspect in meaningful and lasting ways. Unfortunately, our medicine is mostly thought of as some magical pain management system in the United States where it is poorly understood, so not surprising that you would fail to see the connection. It would also help to ensure the child is born as strong as possible and I would recommend treatment before and throughout the pregnancy. It can also address issues during pregnancy such as morning sickness, aches/pains, insomnia, stress, emotional volatility, etc. In truth, the research is limited on this topic to provide you with any sort of scientific proof. The only decent sized study was done in Germany and involved IVF, with acupuncture being performed before and during the insemination only 2 times. As this is not how acupuncture really is designed or best utilized, I would say it was a poor measure of acupuncture's effectiveness. Not to mention, our medicine, when performed in the way I do, doesn't involve using the same points for every single patient struggling with conception... yet that is what scientific evaluation requires (empiricism). At the point you only choose a set of a certain number of points and do them on a large group of patients, you are no longer practicing REAL acupuncture... you have changed the medicine to fit the testing method. That being said, here is a link that discusses many of the currently completed studies in laymen's terms:

Hope that is helpful and feel free to follow up with questions you may have still have!
Thank you for your question and for expressing your interest in acupuncture treatment. Treating patients with infertility problem is one of my specialties areas. The treatment will help the blood circulation in patient's body which will help strengthening the uterus and other related areas in body.

I have treated many patients who had experienced infertility problems over the years. In some cases, combining an acupuncture treatment and an herb treatment is recommended.

Please feel free to contact my office to make an appointment for an initial assessment. I will provide an effective treatment with an excellent care.

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I would love to answer. There are many reasons for infertility. First of all, I need to meet your sister to diagnosis properly.
Generally, Stress, imbalance hormone, toxin in body, lack of qi, lack of blood, Qi flow blockage, low metabolism, high BMI, dysmenorrhea, etc Cause Imbalance.
If you go OBGYN They will check Hormone level, and physical look of womb, and BMI.
Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture treat the root of all causes not just a symptom.
I recommend you to see LICENSED Acupuncturist, Some of offer Free Consultation!
It depends on why your sister is having problems conceiving. If she wasn't diagnosed with anything structurally wrong, then it is most likely it is related to stress. Many women have problems conceiving today because their body is simply too stresses in today's environment. Acupuncture is wonderful in relieving stress and anxiety.
Also, acupuncture is great to promote a healthy production of an egg and to increase fertility. If she is having trouble conceiving because she isn't producing healthy eggs acupuncture helps jump start that process as well.