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Does an anesthesia injection in the mouth cause pain?

I am scheduled to undergo a root canal and I know I will get an anesthesia injection for the procedure. Will the injection hurt a lot?

8 Answers

Local anesthesia injection for any dental procedure is similar and if it is done by an experienced dentist, discomfort is minimal.
No just a small prick and some pressure
It will hurt a little bit as it's an injection. But if topical anesthetic is used before and done slowly, it hurts way less.
Anesthesia injections will not hurt a lot, however, you will feel a few pinches that quickly fade away. Our clinicians pat each patient's shoulder during this process to help ease any anxiety. Our patients often find that counting backwards from 10 or wiggling their toes when they feel something helps. The more calm you are, the more effective anesthesia will be.
The injection of local anesthetic is not painless, but the amount of pain can be limited by applying a topical anesthetic to the injection site, and also if the dentist injects slowly. The injection site may also feel a little sore for a day or so after the procedure, but it will eventually go away.
Everyone is different in their perception of pain. But generally, it is well tolerated by most patients. The dentist has a lot impact on the amount of discomfort as his/her technique plays a large part. A new technology is virtually painless called the “Wand.” But it costs the dentist some money to purchase.
The injection of the local anesthetic causes a brief sting. To minimize the discomfort the doctor will usually place an anesthetic gel prior to the injection.
Please don't worry about the injections used for dental treatment. Techniques today allow for comfortable anesthesia that will allow a comfortable procedure. Most dentists are highly trained in giving local anesthetic in the mouth. The thought of it is much worse than the reality! Good luck on your root canal procedure!

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.