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Are face lifts dangerous?

I'm 45 years old and I would like a face lift done to make me look younger. Are face lifts dangerous?

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Facelift surgery is reasonably safe operations with high levels of satisfaction. As long as you are healthy and cleared by your medical doctor, if necessary, Surgery can proceed with little risk. Come see me any time to evaluate the best options for you. Good luck.
Typically facelifts are not dangerous if it is done on the appropriate patient, by a board certified plastic surgeon, within the correct safe environment.
Like any other thing in life, it can be dangerous if it is done by someone who is not trained enough. Cooking can be dangerous if it is done by me but I do facelifts frequently and I am a board certified plastic surgeon and a craniofacial surgeon.
If planned carefully with anatomy and realistic goals in mind, facekifting procedures can be very safe. Patient selection is key to safety. Dr. Yuan
Many facelifts are performed all the time with great results and very little problems.
A facelift is a safe surgery that helps correct some of the hallmarks of facial aging. For some younger patients a mini facelift may be comfortably done with only numbing medication - without going to sleep - further increasing the safety. For more info on facelift surgery click
All surgery can be dangerous, and the benefits must always be weighed against the risks. Nerve damage, bleeding, infections, weak muscles, fluid collections, tissue loss, and cosmetic deformity can all happen with facelifts, as well as the usual surgical risks such as blood clots and pneumonia. Talk with your doctor to see how you can best protect yourself from these risks, such as a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, smoking cessation, and sun protection. 

John Tedesco, D.O., FACOS