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Are veneers better than crowns?

I am a 28 year old female. I want to know if veneers are better than crowns?

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Those are two different restorations. cannot compare that. If it's just cosmetic, I would do veneers, sometimes I do combination of veneers and crowns, It depends on the situation.
Bennett’s are facial coverings for teeth. Crowns are complete coverage for teeth. Neither is better than the other if properly made. One is used for esthetics and one is used for restoring a tooth.
Veneers are much more conservative treatment than crowns by removing a lot less tooth structure. Depending on the case, if veneer can be done, it is definitely a better option.
Every treatment plan is case specific. There are definitely reason for either over the other. The bottom line is trusting the Dentist and going with their advice. If you aren’t sure then look for a second opinion. But whatever you decide or the Dr decides you should have, be sure you understand the pros and cons and be completely comfortable with your decision.
Veneers are not necessarily better than crowns. It all depends what you are trying to accomplish. If you are just changing the color of the tooth or repairing a chipped edge a veneer is better and more conservative. If the tooth is badly broken down, or has had root canal therapy, a crown is the better choice.

Veneers can be more conservative than crowns depending on why the teeth are being veneered and the condition of the teeth that are being veneered (any previous decay, extent of the decay, discoloration, etc.) and the bite. Would be discussed at a consultation with your dentist.

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Sheena Bhatia, DDS
Veneers are better than crowns, especially on anterior teeth only if you are trying to correct some cosmetic concerns and there is nothing inherently wrong with the teeth underneath, meaning there is no decay or not much of the tooth is missing or broken or there are not already existing fillings in those teeth. Remember, veneers are usually considered cosmetic treatment, so insurance does not usually cover the cost of veneers so they can be expensive in terms of treatment. Veneers are a good way of conserving natural tooth structure as long as the tooth is pretty healthy.
Everything depends on the condition of the tooth.

Asking if veneers are better than crowns is a good health care question. The answer, however, is not that straight forward. Since veneers are being discussed, it better to consider a front tooth. There are pros and cons to putting a veneer or a crown on a front tooth. The pros of putting a veneer on a front tooth are that the aesthetics of the front teeth will certainly get better and it means that less tooth structure will be removed to do so. However, the cons of doing a veneer on a front tooth means that the retention of the veneer is not as strong as a crown. A veneer may not be able to hide unaesthetic areas, either. The pros for a crown really the cons for a veneer and the cons for a crown are really the pros for a veneer. So, to answer the question of which one is better really depends on what type of person is getting the crown or veneer. If the patient is someone that wants it to be over with and not want to deal with it again, then that person should more consider the crown more. If the person values saving as much tooth structure as possible and does not mind if the veneer comes off occasionally, then they should consider a veneer. Hope this helps.

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William F. Scott IV, DMD
There are two different treatments with two sets of indications. It’s Apples and Oranges, so you can’t say one is better