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At what age does acne normally go away?

I am a 28 year old female and I have acne. At what age does acne normally go away?

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Most in the mid twenties to early thirties but there is a wide variety
Acne may improve in the early 20's, however many people fight acne most of their adult life. Consider being treated with Accutane or lasers.
At what age acne starts, at what age it flares up terribly, at what age it becomes quiescent, at what age it comes back with a vengeance and what age it finally disappears were all written into your genetic software at the moment of conception. For the vast majority of people it stops in the twenties, although for a significant number of individuals, especially women, acne breakouts and flare ups may persist through their forties and even into the early fifties.
On an average, young adulthood but, can vary

Acne normally burns out around age 40 in most people-some people sooner and some people later.
Unfortunately acne is not restricted to one age group. People often think acne only affects teenagers. It can affect anyone at any age. In my experience, I have seen a resurgence of adult female acne. It can be treated. Here is an informative link on acne:
I was featured in this article and provide some insights as well.
There is no specific age for acne to go away. There are different types of acne, some more prone to hormonal issues, some due to care or comedogenic causes.

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