Cardiologist Questions Naturopathic Medicine

Can ayurveda help in clearing heart blockages?

I have recently read a report that says ayurvedic medicine can help in clearing heart blockages. Is it really true? What are the risks involved?

5 Answers

There is no evidence in peer reviewed literature. You may do ayurveda in addition, but please do what is already proven.
Scientifically and practically, modern medicine has proven to cure most diseases and save millions of lives. There is no evidence that natural, hollistical approaches to treating body and mind cure serious structural diseases such as heart diseases or any other structural and life-threatening disease.
I do, however, believe that these mostly philosophical and practical approaches to our life from healthy eating habits to sleeping to yoga, etc., are good behaviors and represent a secondary form of treatment in addition to modern medicine. Thus, I don’t believe that clogged arteries will respond to Ayurvedic.
There is no evidence that would pass scientific scrutiny that indicates that Ayurveda would open up blocked arteries.
That said, anything that diminishes stress and tension and anxiety is beneficial for the atherosclerotic process.
Since there is no randomized controlled trial to compare this lifestyle versus other diet plans, I cannot give you a definite answer. Any lifestyle that includes eating healthier exercise and diet is beneficial but cannot hundred percent prevent coronary artery disease