Physical Therapist Questions Back Pain

I hurt my back as I slipped while dancing. The particular point now hurts a lot. Could it be something serious?

I hurt my lower back as I slipped on the floor while dancing. Until last week I could not even walk. Now the pain is slightly better but is still there. Will it settle on its own or should I undergo some kind of tests?

7 Answers


Looks like you have sprained back affecting your mobility. It's best if you could medical advise from a professional as your symptoms are still lingering around. Avoid dance at this time and try low back stability and stretching exercises before you start back.


Dr. Ramky Kavaserry, DPT.
Skilled physical therapist can do a check up testing your nerves, joints including spine, muscles and ligaments and propose a plan of action.
I would certainly see an orthopedic doctor and get MRI for the back.
It may settle, but it's best to see a physical therapist. You want to be sure you don't have any nerve injuries from an untreated disc herniation. Getting an MRI typically won't happen until you try PT anyway.
It is always wise to seek advice from your primary physician regarding acute injuries. It appears that may have musculoskeletal pain related to the injury you sustained. Radiological tests may define the cause of your pain.
I will suggest to see a physical therapist
7 days is a long time to be hurting. I recommend you consult your PCP (primary care physician) and or your local therapist to rule out any major dysfunctions.