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Can my son benefit from massage therapy if he plays sports?

My son's in wrestling and he often gets back pain and injured while on the mat. Can massage therapy help him get some relief?

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Absolutely! Muscles love to be moved and stretched without us doing it on our own. Massage would be helpful.
Yes, but a proper evaluate with a PT could help even more. See if they can figure out the cause.
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Yes, most definitely! At any age, a person or a young child can suffer musculoskeletal problems. This is also an ideal time to check early for scoliosis, which can contribute to these types of symptoms. So, usually a Chiropractor is the only one that may help your sons' issues and make a proper assessment with a thorough examination. We find that vertebrae can get caught or stuck causing musculoskeletal pain or restricted motion, and so it needs to be released through an adjustment. Then massage therapy would be beneficial to sooth or release tight muscles.
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Dr. Trevizo
Massage therapy can definitely help with that but so can chiropractic adjustments. Massage therapy is fantastic for muscle problems. Chiropractic adjustments help with joint alignment and muscle issues. Wrestling is a tough sport on the body, you want to make sure he is getting both the muscle work and the joint alignment. I would recommend a combination of massage and chiropractic.
Symptomatic relief only, won't cure injury.
I do recommend stretching and regular chiropractic manipulation instead of massage.
Yes but make sure there's isn't a large injury going undetected. Exam/X-rays (sometimes MRI) can confirm that all is well.
Massage, stretching, foam rolling, etc. may be helpful to relax tight musculature after sports and exercising.
Sure, your son may benefit from massage therapy. But I would want more information about his history of back pain before making that as a recommended treatment. How often and how intense is his pain? How long does it last. Is there pain or numbness in his legs associated with the back pain? Has he had xrays or an MRI ? After these question are answered, a treatment plan can be developed for your son.
Yes. It will help with recovery bring oxygen and circulation to the area.