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The best way to get my children to brush their teeth?

My son HATES brushing his teeth, and I'm at my wit's end with it. He thinks it's like a chore, and sometimes even skips it in the morning (I catch him though). Are there ways to make my son more... enthusiastic to brush his teeth? He's 7 years old.

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There are plenty of ways to make your child more enthusiastic about brushing. You can take an educational approach by showing him videos of the benefits and importance of brushing his teeth. If he is comfortable with his dentist or dental hygienist, you can also have them explain it to him during his next visit.

Or, you can take a more interactive approach and show him that brushing his teeth is important with demonstrational toys and instruments. You can purchase these online, they are plush toys that are used in some offices to show kids how to brush their teeth.

I hope this help and thank you for your question.
The sooner you teach, the easier it will be. It is like a little war and you have to win. Try making it like a game, some incentives, anything.
You brush his teeth. Also some kids like flavoured toothpaste or if they don’t like toothpaste then just water. You can reward him for doing it.