Cardiologist Questions Bypass Surgery

Why is my father passing blood in his urine after his bypass?

My father had bypass surgery and since then, he has been passing traces of blood in his urine. Why is this happening?

6 Answers

it could be: 1. due to urinary tract infection; 2. sometimes it's due to the effect of blood thinner that is given during the hospital admission for cabg. Check the platelet count.
He might be on a blood thinner. A urologist should see him to be sure nothing else is going on in conjunction
Blood in the urine is never normal in a male.
There may be benign causes such as a kidney stone or bladder inflammation or prostate infection or more worrisome conditions such as cancer of the urinary tract that can lead to blood in the urine.
If the patient is on blood thinners, it may be more likely that lesions such as cancers of the bladder start to bleed.
Blood in the urine,especially in men, must always be fully investigated.
Not sure, would get checked for a urinary infection since during the surgery a catheter was placed in his bladder
I will assume that your Father never had a problem with his kidneys or urinary tract, including the bladder. Most likely the bleed is a result of the placement of a foley catheter to collect urines during surgery. You Father probably was also taking anti-platelet agent(s) before surgery, because of his coronary artery disease problem, which increases the chance of bleeding. However, he should have a urine test a couple of weeks after surgery, to make sure that the "blood in urine" problem is resolved, otherwise he should discuss the problem with his internist, or see a urologist.
Could be related to Foley catheter at time of surgery but should be checked out if continues.