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Can I sleep in my dentures?

I am a 64 year old female who has a new set of dentures. Can I sleep in my dentures? What is the best way to clean them?

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If they are well fixed in the mouth, you can sleep in them. But there is mostly with full dentures the risk of falling deep in the mouth. There are special pills to clean them at any pharmacy.
It is usually best to sleep without your dentures in place, but keep them in water overnight. Dentures are best cleaned with a brush with dishwashing detergent, which is not abrasive. They should be scrubbed at least once daily. Also brush the entire inside of your mouth with a soft toothbrush
Constantly wearing dentures places pressure that leads to shrinking of the bony ridge. And that leads to loose dentures. The average denture will lead to some bone shrinkage in 5-7 years. In some cases this may require reline or replacement of the dentures. If you wear them at night you may cut that life time by half (2.5 to 3.5 years)
It’s always best to remove your dentures every night, by keeping them on, you are at risk of developing fungal or other types of infections. The best way to keep them clean is to use a denture toothbrush and there are tablets such as polydent that clean & whiten your dentures.
You need at least 8 hours without your dentures in a day. It’s the easiest to just remove dentures at night so that’s why we recommend you to remove dentures at night. If you leave your dentures in all day and night, the bacteria in your mouth will over grow. It needs the air to help kill the anaerobic bacteria that grows under the dentures. Think about it like this, when you wear a bandage, you only want to wear it a day or two. If you wear a bandage meet than that, the skin gets mushy and bacteria begins to grow. It needs air to heal a wound. This is the same for under a denture, if not you tend to get recurrent infection of fungal, bacteria etc. The obese way to clean your dentures is with dentures cleaner from a store. You can use a soft bristle brush by never use toothpaste. It is very abrasive and it can scratch your dentures. There are also use an ultra sonic cleaner too. Do not use wire brushes that are advertised for dentures.
You can sleep with your dentures that’s a personal decision. Yes you can use the tablets or powder that they sell in the store on a daily basis also you can get a denture scrub brush with a denture toothpaste and scrub the dentures. Lastly when you go to your dentist they usually have an ultrasonic cleaner and can get off any stains that you could not manage

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Our office usually suggests to NOT sleep with your dentures in place. That allows the gum tissues an opportunity to get some direct oxygen instead of being constantly covered. There is a greater chance of getting sore gums as a result of leaving the dentures in place throughout the night while sleeping. Cleaning the denture depends upon what type of denture material was used by the dentist and the lab that processed the denture. You need to contact your dental office for the appropriate cleaning and soaking regiments.
If you got your dentures right after having teeth extracted, also known as an immediate denture, you should wear them all the time (except when taking them out to clean) until you get back to your dentist.If these are just new dentures (replacing previous or with not recent changes in your mouth) you should NOT wear them to sleep. The tissues need time to relax and also need some stimulation to be strong and healthy. It is a good idea to brush your gums with a soft toothbrush when you clean your denture with a denture toothbrush. Chewing on a rolled up washcloth without your denture in your mouth will also help stimulate and strengthen the tissues.As far as cleaning your dentures and/or soaking them overnight:
If your dentures start looking dingy soaking them in a solution of 1 part water 1 part white vinegar will work as well or better than any of the store bought cleaners. If your dentures look fine you only need to soak them in water. This will avoid them drying out and attracting stains from the foods you put in your mouth.
Ideally, you should not. But you can if you want to. The danger with sleeping with them is if aspirate your denture (there has been some cases reported). The best way to clean them is with a toothbrush and some Listerine or Scope and let them soak afterward in a solution with a denture cleaner.
No you can not wear your dentures to bed. The gums need to "breath" and you need to keep the denture clean after wearing them all day. You can purchase polident tablets over the counter to place the denture in with some water to get the debris off and use a soft large toothbrush to lightly brush the denture to remove food.
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It is generally not advisable to sleep with your dentures in. You want to give your gum tissues some time to relax without your dentures in. Keeping them in all night allows bacterial and fungal growth on your gum tissues.
The best way to clean them would be to soak them in one of the various cleaning solutions on the market.
Yes. Brush with toothpaste and toothbrush. Use cleaning solutions sold in the dental section of supermarkets.