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Can I walk after a c-section?

I am a 29 year old pregnant woman. I want to know if I can I walk after a c-section?

6 Answers

You can indeed walk after a cesarean section. It is helpful to walk to keep your bowels moving and keep your lungs fully expanded. You must wait until the anesthesia has worn off and it’s important to get up and down carefully.
Of course! We tell patients the following are the restrictions for 6 weeks after a C/S:

1.   Don't lift anything heavier than the baby
2.   No tampons/intercourse
3.   No working out

Walks and stairs are fine.
I hope that this helps.

Joseph A. Adashek, MD FACOG
Yes! You should be getting up and walking every day. Stand up straight. Take deep breaths. Walk to tolerance. The more you walk, the faster you will recover.
Yes, you can and should walk after a C-section. It will help you recover faster and decrease your chance of getting a DVT in your leg.

Doug Young, MD
You will have an anesthetic, usually a spinal, before your surgery. But after it wears off, you will be able to walk. Women who deliver by Cesarean Section do quite well and stay in the hospital for only an extra day, usually.
Yes, we actually encourage it. Obviously not a power walk, but leisure walk. By 4 weeks, you probably can get back to your routine.