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Can a 14 year old get Invisalign?

My 14 year old son doesn't want braces because of the metal. Can a 14 year old get Invisalign?

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This is a discussion you might want to have with an orthodontist or a seasoned dentist, experienced with Invisalign. Try to avoid DIY ortho companies that offer clear aligners without direct supervision of a licensed dentist.
Yes. That is actually a good age because most of the permanent teeth are likely to be in.
Hi There,

Yes, absolutely.
If her problem with teeth can be corrected by Invisalign, yes she can get it.
Not until 16 years old.
A 14 year old can get invisalign once evaluated by a dental professional to make sure they are a proper candidate.
Absolutely, a 14-year-old can do clear aligners!!
18 is the youngest age to move teeth. They are not fully developed til then.. sometime even longer. But it would have to be redone if they are placed prior to 18 years old.
The general answer is yes. However it depends on what needs to be done to correct your son's smile. A thorough examination by an orthodontist will give you a better idea. Invisalign is an excellent tool but has limitations in severe cases.
Yes, Invisalign is marketed to teenagers. I would call around and find an orthodontist who does a lot of Invisalign cases to make sure he gets the best available treatment.

Marc D. Thomas DDS