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Can acupuncture help lung problems?

I am a 42 year old male. I wonder if acupuncture can help lung problems?

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Yes, acupuncture can help lung problems. I have a patient with COPD who first came to my office assisted and in a wheel chair. He is now able to drive himself and walk in. He has been compliant with physical therapy, acupuncture and diet changes also. It is holistic medicine and body, mind and spirit all play into healing. He still has COPD, but it is more manageable.
Yes, there are lung problems acupuncture can help with. That's about all I can say due to the vagueness of your question.
Yes. There are many lung issues that improve with acupuncture treatments. I am a master herbalist as well as an acupuncturist and find that combing the herbs with the acupuncture greatly improves many lung problems.
Yes, it helps a lot
There are a lot of health issues relating to the lungs. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one method to address ‘lung problems,’ but if the condition is severe/critical, this method may not be enough. In general, I have been able to help patients breathe easier, but it really depends on the underlying cause. Please check with your primary to see
available options and make sure acupuncture would be a suitable choice.

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In my experience, acupuncture has been very effective for lung and respiratory conditions. It would be worth getting a consultation to see if acupuncture would help your condition and symptoms.
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Yes it will, but please talk to your acupuncturist for further information.
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Yes. There are many ways a practitioner of acupuncture and Oriental medicine may help. First, if you need help breaking a smoking addiction, there are very specific ear acupuncture and/or body acupuncture protocols designed to do just that. Second, there are acupuncture treatments to assist your lungs by helping them relax. Once your body can relax, blood and airflow may increase, which helps your breathing. Third, dietary recommendations can help your digestive system strengthen, which in turn supports your immune system.
Yes, absolutely, acupuncture works very well with respiratory issues. I treat my son and other patients for is also great for respiratory infections and the common cold.


Mary Hills, DACM, LAc
I think it depends on what kind of lung problems. I have treated asthma with acupuncture.  I would not expect a structural problem,  such as damage to the alveoli,  to respond to my acupuncture.
Acupuncture can definitely help with most all lung problems.
Yes. Acupuncture can help lung problems. But it depends on the underlying cause and the severity. I would also recommend herbal formula with acupuncture treatments.
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Yes, this can help with lung problems.
First of all, if you are experiencing any shortness of breath or other breathing difficulties, you need to immediately seek emergency care. Acupuncture can help with several aspects of breathing issues such as allergies, chest oppression due to stress and anxiety, as well as improving general function over time and helping reduce phlegm. Again, if you are experiencing symptoms that could comprise your ability to live, GO TO THE ER.
You need to consult with your family doctor first and ask him(her) to refer you to see the professional licensed acupuncturist.
Acupuncture can help with Lung problems and we have many Chinese herbs that support healthy lungs as well. There are special qigong exercises I would recommend, along with breathing exercises and I would add about 4 Kiwi/day to your diet right away as well.
Hello! Yes, acupuncture can treat respiratory issues, which is your lung problems.
Yes, acupuncture can help with many lung problems!

Yes, it can help.
It depends on what specific lung problems that you have - in order to decide if acupuncture can help with lung problems. For example, if you have shortness of breath or asthma issues - acupuncture can help with that.
That depends on what the lung problem is. Acupuncture with herbs may be needed to heal the problem. The problem should also be checked by a medical professional to ensure it is not a serious pathological condition.
It is a big topic, acupuncture is very good for functionality of lung problems. If the problem is organic disease, maybe yes for some things, but no for others.
Asthma is the #1 reason in respiratory conditions for acupuncture. If your cough is related to the flu or cold, acupuncture can alleviate it, too.
Thanks for the question. Acupuncture is part of a whole system of medicine known best in the West as TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, Like Western medicine, Acupuncture is able to treat all systems of the body including a variety of issues with the pulmonary system (lungs). Seek out a nationally certified provider. In Massachusetts all acupuncturists (and physicians) are licensed by the Board of Registration in Medicine. This varies by state. Best of luck to you.

Yes, absolutely! Acupuncture and herbs will help.
Yes, acupuncture can help ling problems, in many ways, acupuncture is effective in treating pneumonia.
Yes. Acupuncture, can be very effective in treating the lungs. Depending on the condition, cupping may also be applicable.
"Lung problem" covers a lot of ground. There are a variety of issues which can affect the lungs. For some of these conditions, acupuncture would be a good choice. For other conditions, acupuncture in combination with conventional treatment would help. And, for the last category, acupuncture probably would not be a good choice.

If we're talking about something like asthma or chronic cough (where other more serious issues have been ruled out), then, yes, acupuncture would be a good choice. Even in something like COPD, acupuncture has been shown to provide good results for patients.

If we're talking about something like cancer or pulmonary edema due to heart failure, then acupuncture might be of help but you'll want to combine it with conventional medicine.

If we're talking about something like cystic fibrosis or bleeding, then acupuncture isn't going to be very much assistance.

For any of these conditions, particularly the more serious issues where acupuncture can still help, you want to make sure you're seeing a provider who is licensed as an acupuncturist in your state. To get a list of local providers, you can use the "Find a Practitioner" lookup at