Acupuncturist Questions High Blood Pressure

Can acupuncture lower blood pressure?

I have issues with high blood pressure, but I would much rather avoid taking BP meds. Can acupuncture lower blood pressure?

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I have seen it help some patients in stage 1-2 hypertension. It really depends and I know nothing about your health history/state... It is worth a try if you wish to avoid medications, which I don't blame you there. But my legal duty is to tell you to listen to your doctor's advice
Acupuncture helps with blood pressure.
In many cases, diet and exercise can help normalize blood pressure. Very often we treat this condition.

Be well, be confident, we can help.
It can, yes. How high is your blood pressure? For how long? If it’s been high for an extended period of time, it is sometimes necessary to take Western medicine to lower it to avoid stroke and/or other complications.
Oriental medicine is holistic medicine, which includes the mind, body, and spirit. Diet, exercise, meditation, acupuncture, and herbs are required to treat high blood pressure. It takes time. Please take the step to consult with an OMD if you want to be treated with a holistic approach.
Maybe. Seek a licensed acupuncturist so they can do an assessment for you to find out.
Acupuncture has been shown to help control BP, but sometimes, it is not enough if one has dangerously high numbers. It might be wise to first consult with your doctor, but if he/she feels that it is safe in your case, to slowly lower the dosage over time. If your BP is well under control and is closely monitored, then sure, try acupuncture to keep it that way. That being said, it is VERY important to consider other factors that may be contributing to your high blood pressure. Are you overly stressed at home or work? Then you may need counseling or to employ stress reduction techniques such as yoga or meditation. Is your diet unhealthy or do you eat late at night? Then it may be time to see a nutritionist and make some changes to your eating habits. Are you overweight? Then getting that under control will certainly help to make your numbers go down. Either way, making a commitment to your health by making some serious lifestyle changes may be all it takes to lower your high blood pressure. Too often, people are looking for a quick fix or a magic pill to make it all go away. Acupuncture will only work if you work WITH your practitioner and take steps to help yourself. Good luck!!!
Yes, acupuncture has been known to lower blood pressure in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. It helps free of up energy pathways which help lower anxiety and promote healing.

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Yes, acupuncture can lower blood pressure. Acupuncture has two-way regulation: it can lower high blood pressure, and it also can raise up low blood pressure.
Yes, acupuncture can help lower high blood pressure. Acupuncture activates the parasympathetic nervous system - "rest and digest." This system allows the heart and the muscles to relax, thus lowering blood pressure rates. Acupuncture can also help with any root causes there may be for the high blood pressure, such as poor cardiac functioning.

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your question about blood pressure. Yes, acupuncture can help with controlling blood pressure and keep it steady.

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Yes, acupuncture along with orthomolecular supplementation can assist and manage high blood pressure.
Yes. But you also have to eat healthy.
Yes, absolutely it can!
Yes, interestingly enough there is actually a point in the year to lower blood pressure. Inherently acupuncture increases circulation and regulates hormones which will also help to maintain lower blood pressure.

Acupuncture can help to lower the blood pressure, but for a long-term solution, herbs are recommended as well. See your local acupuncturist for more information.


Scott Sang In Lee
Acupuncture can help to reduce high blood pressure in certain cases, however, we recommend that you speak with your primary care provider first. If you have spoken with your primary provider then you should set up an appointment with an acupuncturist in your area so you can further discuss your options. Most of the time, high blood pressure is caused by different
factors that can be addressed with acupuncture as well.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Studies have shown acupuncture and Chinese herbs to be effective at reducing high blood pressure. In some cases, it is more important to lower the blood pressure quickly so to protect the health of the patient.
It all depends upon what’s causing high blood pressure, although for most causes it can be very helpful if Treated on a regular basis
Acupuncture and herbs can help the nervous system and subsequently lower your blood pressure. But you will probably also have to make some lifestyle changes like adding in exercise and meditation if your goal is to avoid taking pharmaceuticals. There are also herbal tinctures you can get from naturopaths instead of blood pressure meds.
Thank you for your inquiry and yes, acupuncture can definitely help you to lower blood pressure. According to the CDC, there are about 70 million American adults (29%) with high blood pressure and only about half of whom have the condition under control. High blood pressure requires long term medication treatment and prevention is the key for healthy longevity.

According to the study, "The effect of acupuncture on high blood pressure of patients using antihypertensive drugs" concluded that "Patients currently using antihypertensive medication, acupuncture facilitated a significant reduction in blood pressure and reduced the patients complaints, therefore conclude that research data strongly suggest that acupuncture should be in the hypertension treatment guidelines and widely used for blood pressure regulation."

In addition, other beneficial changes followed by acupuncture treatment are both physical and emotional balance and it may decrease the risk for stroke other heart disease by lowering blood pressure.

It can, but I don't recommend stopping your medication without consulting your doctor. I have been able to wean several patients off of their BP (and other) medications but it takes time and requires regular treatments and possibly dietary and lifestyle changes to maintain a normal blood pressure. The frequency of treatment is dependent upon the patience's diligence and discipline in maintaining new dietary and lifestyle changes.
Yes, for sure, you need acupuncture of the ear as well.
Yes it can!
Yes, it can, it can be very helpful, but there is also an aspect of emotional issues you may be experiencing, which it can also assist on. There could also be some dietary or genetic issues at hand, which can be addressed. You would need to go see a Licensed Acupuncturist, not just a chiropractor or md who "does acupuncture too".

The L.Ac. would assess you fully and find the best course of treatments to follow based on your differential diagnosis. It may take a few sessions, so don't give up after one treatment. If you don't like your practitioner for whatever reason, you can also find another who suits your personality better.

Good luck and have fun.
Yes, but before the treatment, the Acupuncturist must take your blood pressure first to record every time. Need to find out for every session is there an improvement or not. I would combine acupuncture with food therapy and dietary recommendations too to help reduce the blood pressure.
Yes, I usually give herbal medicine in addition to acupuncture. You will not have to take the herbs for the rest of your life.
Yes, if done on a regular basis
Acupuncture and herbs can help for BP control. There are many causes for high blood pressure. I suggest you to acupuncture clinic to find out what cause your high blood pressure. The acupuncturist should be able to tell you if acupuncture can help to lower your BP after more detail evaluation.
Yes. The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture's effectiveness for Circulatory disorders.
Acupuncture can usually help patients lower their blood pressure. A lot depends on why your pressure is elevated and sometimes it takes a few treatments to get your pressure down and keep it down.