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Can children use a Waterpik?

My 7 year old wants to use a Waterpik. Can children use a Waterpik?

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It is certainly OK and healthy for a child to use a waterpik. I would recommend some supervision or they can waterpik the cat and the dog and the bathroom mirror.
I would follow manufacturer recommendations. I do not recommend waterpik products to young children
Absolutely. Just help him/her with the proper use.

Dr. Randall Wing
If you are willing to clean up the mess......water piks at low setting will do no damage, but coordination is necessary for them to be effective and not make a mess in the bathroom ;))
Yes, children can use it, too. It is specially very helpful when have braces.
Good news, children can use a Waterpik. Generally, they do not have the dexterity to use one alone, but if you are willing to help, it would be a great additional tool to ensure clean teeth.

Marc D. Thomas, DDS

Yes. Children can use a waterpik.
Dr. Price
Yes, children can use a Waterpik. I typically only recommend oral irrigating devices such as a Waterpik when the patient has appliances in their mouth that may be difficult to clean with a toothbrush and floss. In my opinion, floss is still the gold standard for removing plaque in between the teeth.

Gary D. Sabbadini, DDS

Waterpiks are recommended for patients in orthodontics. Otherwise, it is best to use floss.
Waterpik in children should be done by an adult on a low setting. However my starting age recommendation to use a waterpik unsupervised, is 15 or 16 years of age.