Gastroenterologist Questions Coffee

Can drinking too much coffee cause nausea?

I feel like I'm addicted to coffee, or caffeine in general. I have it every day, but recently I started getting dizzy and nauseous. Is this from drinking too much coffee?

3 Answers

I doubt it. I'm not aware of any evidence or reports of that side effect to coffee.
Too much coffee can do that.
The daily consumption of caffeinated products in reasonable quantities, defined as one or 2, 8 ounce beverages per day, should normally pose no problem especially if throughout the day you are remaining well hydrated. Typically the normal human will require 64 ounces of fluid per day. Excessive amounts of caffeinated products can certainly lead to symptoms such as dizziness or nauseous feelings. Caffeine will tend to increase urinary output and therefore promote dehydration. If you are well hydrated, then the dizziness and nauseous feelings are likely not related to your caffeine intake and should be further evaluated by a physician.