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How Does Coffee Affect Your Health?

How Does Coffee Affect Your Health?

Coffee is often a common remedy for hangovers, all-nighters, and drowsiness. Many people believe that coffee is does not benefit an individual's health, and one should avoid drinking it frequently. Yet, most studies reveal that the benefits outweigh the risks for individual's that consume coffee daily.

There is growing evidence to show that coffee consumption reduces the risk of type II diabetes. Experts suggest that it is the antioxidant properties present in coffee that provides this benefit. The minerals present in coffee enable the body to use insulin more effectively, thus helping in the regulation of blood sugar levels. This effect is not due to caffeine, as decaffeinated coffee can also provide the same benefits.

Coffee is also known to reduce the risk for heart disease and stroke. This can be due to the reduction in the risk of developing type II diabetes, which often leads to heart disease and stroke. Coffee reduces the frequency and potential of abnormal heart rhythms, which are contributing factors for heart disease and stroke.

Increased consumption of coffee is also found to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. The decrease in risk, in this case, is more reliant on the caffeine content, not the coffee itself. The same is true about Alzheimer’s disease. There has been significant evidence to support that coffee consumption reduces the chances of developing liver cancer; however, the evidence to support why coffee can prevent liver cancer is not yet clear.      

The consumption of coffee can result in several risks, one being that it is one of the most common triggers for heartburn. Moreover, coffee can make the severity of an individual's heartburn worsen if he or she already has heartburn.

People tend to think that coffee is associated with weight loss. Yet, what many people do not realize is that weight loss is only possible if their coffee does not have any additives, such as creamers or sugar. Coffee can also contribute to frequent urination. Increasing the consumption of coffee can affect the body’s ability to utilize vitamins, like folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. It may also decrease the absorption of several important minerals.

Consume coffee in moderation and enjoy the several benefits that come along with it.