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Can fruit smoothies help weight control?

I'm 25 years old and I'm trying to lose some weight before the summer. Can fruit smoothies help me control my weight?

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So controlling weight is more than fruit smoothies. It is first and foremost your mindset towards food, followed by healthy types of foods, followed by proper food combinations to ensure efficiency of digestion and uptake of nutrients from the food you enjoyed.
Make sure you are adding a quality fat source (my favorite for smoothies in coconut oil) and a quality protein powder (grass fed whey or vegan). If the smoothie is all fruit, you will spike your blood sugar and then insulin, which can cause weight gain.
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Hi, it depends on what you add into your fruit smoothies. It is all about calorie control. Some fruit smoothies can have up to 500kcal per smoothie. I suggest you have a proper consultation with a Dietitian to design a weight loss meal plan or at least explain the proper weight loss science and knowledge. Thanks!