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Is there any medication to help my husband quit alcohol?

My husband drinks a lot of alcohol, and it causes him to have sudden outbursts with both me, and sometimes the kids. Is there any medication that can help him quit? What other interventions should me and my family do?

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Mild sedative.
You should consult with a psychiatrist regarding possible medications. In terms of psychotherapy, you may like to seek out a family therapist who can support you and your children. I would encourage you to look for local Al-Anon meetings ( as a support for you.
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There are some options to help him remain abstinent but first he needs to want to reach sobriety, then depending on quantity of daily intake and time he has been drinking he may need to go in a Detox/Rehab center due to withdrawal symptoms from alcohol that can be severe to the point of causing seizures/delirium. Finally, try to maintain sobriety through attending AA meetings, getting an sponsor and perhaps trying naltrexone to reduce cravings if any. Other medications can be used as well if other psychiatric symptoms such as depression and/or anxiety emerge after he stops drinking. Alcohol and/or drug use really depends on the person's will and motivation to stop. If the person is not ready emotionally to reach sobriety there is not much anyone around them can do but remain supportive and not enable their behavior.
He needs to be evaluated for need for detox. There are 5 medicines that can help prevent relapse. See an addiction psychiatrist or an addiction medicine dr. if he won't go get trained in CRAFT.
There are medications that help reduce alcohol cravings, but our husband would have to want to quit. Alcoholism is a disease which is very hard to treat. I would consult a psychiatrist specializing in alcohol treatment, or to start with, a family or couples' therapist so the problem can be fully evaluated. The extent of the outbursts and the consequences need to be evaluated for safety reasons for both youand the children. If there has been even mild violence, don't wait--get help right away.
Yes there is VitaminB12 or Folic Acid
Yes, there is. The side effect makes one sick. Some are less, etc. Naltrexone, Disulfram, Acamprosate are the 3 main ones, but there are a few more I believe. A medical doctor can prescribe that.
There are medicines like Antabuse that can help, but AA and rehabilitation programs help with recovery and sobriety. Your husband has to want to quit and change.
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