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Can menopause cause doziness?

Feeling doziness while seated and while sleeping and if I move my head doziness occurs.

Female | 46 years old
Complaint duration: Five days
Medications: Nil
Conditions: Not seen a doctor

3 Answers

It's difficult to answer your question because: DOZINESS usually means to feel sleepy, like "I'm a little dozy." DIZZINESS is very different. If you are feeling dizzy, then I recommend that you see your ENT and be sure you get your hearing tested. As we age, vertigo is much more common. If you are in menopause, then it is very likely due to the hormonal changes that these can trigger dizziness. Your symptoms of dizziness could also be a cardiovascular condition that should be looked into.

Recommend you see your PCP. If you mean dizziness, this could be some type of vertigo, which needs evaluation.
Need to see your primary care Doctor
Dr Chaudhury