Naturopathic Physician Questions Acne

Can a naturopathic treatment help in treating my acne problem?

I have been having a persistent acne problem for a long time. Can I undergo a naturopathic treatment to treat this acne problem?

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Yes absolutely, a naturopathic doctor can help identify if the acne is from food intolerance, a hormonal balance, impaired detox pathways, or a combination. And then help find a natural solution!

I am sorry to hear that. I too suffered from adult acne, in its own way it can be quite debilitating. Naturopathic treatment offers true solutions since it focuses and addresses causation once it's sussed out.
There are Holistic ways of healing acne. Please contact my office for further information.
Yes, you can. I suggest that you find a naturopathic or functional doctor in your area.
Yes! Most conventional acne treatments look at only part of the picture. Poor gut health and nutrition can exacerbate skin problems, including acne. This approach will help acne stay gone even after treatment.
Hope this helps!

Dr. Krisel Nagallo, NMD
Yes, skin issues (including acne) are very common problems naturopaths help with!
Yes, naturopathic medicine helps determine the underlying cause of acne and uses dietary changes, supplements, and herbs to help improve and clear acne.
Generally, the answer is YES!!! Keep in mind that natural medicine, as a practice, seeks to get to the root cause of conditions like acne. As such, it is important to look at your whole physiology. As a naturopath, I have often taken the contents of a "popped zit" (lol) and put it under a microscope! For real!!! Guess what you see? Zillions of white blood cells, called Neutrophils, that are HUGE! Their job is to mop up bad stuff, such as invading bugs like bacteria, foreign proteins and even dead cells from your own body. Think of them as the janitors or undertakers of your tiny world, inside of you! An example of foreign proteins could even be some things that we might think of as "normal" food. If your intestinal lining is "leaky," that is damaged or even broken, then small fragments of food such as corn, soy, dairy, wheat, gluten, etc., can sneak through that protective barrier, especially if your digestion has been not so great. Then, your immune system recruits a special band of national guard-like white cells to attack and destroy these things. And sometimes if your liver, kidneys, and bowel are not working right, these waste products which include white blood cells who have gorged themselves on the above-mentioned things are actually excreted through your skin! At times, acne can be an infected hair follicle, but mostly it is a sign of eating stuff that you body is really having a hard time with. I have seen many folks have things like acne and other skin problems clear up as they eliminate all of what I refer to as the Nine Suspect Foods. They are corn, peanuts, gluten-containing foods (barley, rye, oats, wheat, etc.), nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant), dairy, soy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and lectins (for homework, look that word up, and especially search Dr. Gundry on Youtube, etc.). Eliminating these from your diet for a few weeks often start a miracle process for some people. Then you could add in a few of the above slowly to see if you hit the offender(s). It is also great for skin and health in general to strengthen your gut and immune system by getting healthy bacteria (probiotics) in you.... Homemade sauerkraut and a pro-biotic supplement can help restore gut health, especially if you have had a course of antibiotics.
Yes. You can do zinc, vitamin E and A, plus apple cider vinegar and glutathion.

Dr. Liz Naturally
Seeing a Naturopathic Doctor can help you find the root cause of your acne. There are natural treatments to help address your concerns
There are so many underlying reasons for someone to have acne. Our job is to find out why and fix the problem. So, depending on what's causing your acne, the treatments will vary in length. But yes, naturopathic doctors can most certainly help with that!
There are some really good therapies available to help with acne. Find a Naturopathic Doctor in your area to help you with this.
Indeed! Find a skillful naturopathic doctor!
Yes, Naturopathic medicine can help treat your acne. Acne can be do a variety of causes. It may be dietary, hormonal related, impaired liver detoxification, poor nutrition. Naturopathic medicine can help you get to the root cause of your acne in order to help resolve it permanently.
absolutely. Acne can be due to a lack of nutrients like vitamin D, Vitamin A, zinc and particularly liver insufficiency.
Yes. My recommendation is cellular detoxification and organ support to remove toxins from the body. Usually a weak liver. Everyone is unique
Absolutely! Acne is due to imbalances in hormones, bacteria, foods, and hygiene. Naturopathic medicine aims to treat the root cause of acne and keep it from coming back. Consider getting these parameters back into balance before buying another lotion or potion.

Yes. Naturopathic treatment can help treat an acne problem. A naturopathic physician or an acupuncturist can help identify the underlying cause of your acne problem (hormone imbalance, improper diet, etc.) and make a recommendation specifically for you.