Speech-Language Pathologist Questions Vertigo

Can vertigo cause slurred speech?

I'm 33 years old and I have several attacks of vertigo. Is it possible for vertigo to affect your speech?

8 Answers

Not really in a cause/effect manner. I suggest you consult Neurologist
Vertigo is not going to affect your speech, but vertigo can occur with many different events, such as stroke. A stroke can certainly effect your speech.
Not to my knowledge but vertigo is a serious issue. Are you seeing an otolaryngologist who specializes in the ears or a neurologist? If not, you should make an appointment right a way. Good luck
If you’re experiencing slurred speech and you also have vertigo symptoms, then I’d highly recommend you visit an Audiologist with a specialty in vestibular disorders. These two symptoms in tandem are not something you should leave alone.
This is an interesting question, I have never heard if vertigo affecting speech but I could see how it may. I would contact your doctor about this. Is your hearing or eye sight impacted?
If your vertigo is neurological and that's affecting your speech centers yes. I recommend getting a brainstem MRI to make sure this is in the case.
Typically, no, vertigo does not have a direct impact on speech. If you’re having slurred speech, I would go see your doctor and tell him all of your symptoms.

Ali Matisse, MS CCC-SLP
Well, the vertigo would probably not be the cause. The vertigo and slurred speech may be symptoms of something else. Have you seen an ENT and/or neurologist? If not, start with a general practitioner/primary care physician. I would get that looked at ASAP.