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Can you floss a crowned tooth?

I am a 27 year old male and I have a crowned tooth. Can you floss a crowned tooth?

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You can floss between a tooth with a crown but you need to be careful. It is not recommended to pull the floss up or down as this can loosen crown but to pull it through the tooth
Yesss! definitely! Flossing a crowned tooth should be flossed and cleaned just like your natural teeth. Unless instructed by your doctor nor hygienist not to floss, it is highly recommended to maintain healthy teeth gums.
Yes, you can floss crowned tooth as you floss your regular teeth. It's important to floss crowned teeth as there is a tooth underneath the crown. Flossing daily will prevent gum problems and cavity on the tooth.
Yes you can floss a tooth with a crown on it. A drown ha be cleaned and flossed just as your natural tooth structure.
Only floss teeth you want to keep.
Yes, you should floss it and all your teeth daily.
Yes if the gums are tender from the recently placed crown wait a few days but flossing will insure the life of the new crown.
Yes. You can. If there is not enough space, you can use interproximal brush - small-bristled brush and clean between. You can consult your dentist who originally placed the crown to open up more space IF you cannot access it.

Angela Lee, DDS

Glad to hear you are concerned with flossing. Yes, you can floss a tooth with a crown on it. If it is a temporary crown then you want to make sure you put the floss between your teeth, floss, and then when you are done pull the floss through; do not pull it back up as this may dislodge the temporary crown. If it is a permanent crown you should not have this problem at all.
Hope this helps.

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William F. Scott IV, DMD
Flossing is important to do at least once a day
Hello, yes you can floss a tooth with a crown. Please insert the floss in between the teeth and slide the floss through-do not pull or yank. Thank you for your question.
By all means you treat your crowned tooth like your regular teeth. Where your crown and tooth structure meet is where your tooth is most vulnerable.